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Matt Houston Television Show Intro

This is an 80′s Tv show “Matt Houston” season 3 intro.

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25 Responses to “Matt Houston Television Show Intro”

  1. hypnodance says:

    @cjb476 Ehh, he seems to be playing a decent guy. I don’t think they’d mind too much. :D

  2. xKnowledgeNomadx says:

    Pamela Hensley goodness…

  3. MrNismoSR20 says:

    Amazing how those two Plymouth Furys at 0:22 turned into two chevys at 0:24 lol. Man I miss the 80′s :o )

  4. wonderglory says:

    Is this the season in which Robert Fuller (of “Emergency!” fame) guest stars on one episode?

  5. hirolla74 says:

    It seems like every guy on tv who has a ‘stache’ on his upper lip is 1)makes great tv and 2) getting laid pretty often. I got my flavor saver growing as of now! Great show btw!!!

  6. MackTuesday says:

    My Mom had the hots for Lee Horsley.

  7. 1HonestGamer says:

    Oh I remember this, the rip-off of Magnum P.I. LOL hilarious.

  8. fucheduck says:

    Matt Houston.
    I’m not usually much into “P.I” shows but I did like this one, I thank it was Pamela because she wasArdala in Buck Rogers but I liked this better than Magnum P.I or other “P.I.s”

  9. krazydboy says:

    @BigVilFromWestPhil Exactly. When TV Land first started out it was showing old shows like that. But now it changed and sold out. Emergency, Starsky & Hutch, Hill Street Blues, Rockford Files, Chips. Now it’s like you said. 4 hours of Roseanne, the nanny, and that stupid Raymond show.

  10. ckg927 says:

    @audreyessex Nope. Married for 30+ years and has 2 kids.

  11. DeusImperium says:

    @buzzlewie Also Uptown Saturday Night with Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier, Calvin Lockhart, Harry Belafonte, and so many more.

  12. BigVilFromWestPhil says:

    You would think TV land would show old like Matt Houston, Fall Guy, TJ Hooker, Manix, Barreta, Vegas, Rockford Files. I guess the world needs to see four hours of Roseanne

  13. TheAnabolicMutation says:

    Ahh, The Members Only Jackets. Those were the days.

  14. breyersmint says:

    @setpunk12 I remember that.. Wasn’t that a two part episode? iI believed it ended on the merry go round…

  15. planetgilbo says:

    Do we really need to see him getting his back waxed?

  16. setpunk12 says:

    anyone remember the episode with Jack palance playing a psycho killer?

    it was fantastic!! Palance was great! so creepy

  17. setpunk12 says:

    this was my fav show in the 80s but it had two glaring problems:

    -the theme song was not memorable
    -lee horsley had a really goofy last name

  18. curvy71 says:

    i had the biggest crush on Lee Horsley in the 1980′s.

  19. sperwaz says:

    Damn I miss the 80′s so much!!

  20. kimv020887 says:

    @jvlivs2 me too. But NCIS LA is a good show.

  21. buzzlewie says:

    The late Lincoln Kilpatrick played on the sci fi movie The Omega Man with the late Charlton Heston as Zachary one of the mutants. Lincoln’s son Lincoln Jr. played an epsiode on Sanford and Son as Jason the runaway kid, and did a episode on Good Times as the leader of the Jr. Warlords who forced Michael to join.

  22. jvlivs2 says:

    Dag! I’m gettin’ old here. Ain’t seen this since…the 80s, man! TV ain’t like this no more, tho…

    Gotta love the intro to this series. It’s like Magnum P.I. meets 007!

  23. WomanJocker says:

    Matt Houston was such a bamf. Can’t help but like the guy

  24. trickledown says:

    Magnum PI lite

  25. Jmriccitelli says:

    Lee Horsley was one hell of a good looking man! That’s a real man!

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