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Matt Houston First Season Intro

First season main title of MATT HOUSTON with great score by Dominic Frontiere.

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25 Responses to “Matt Houston First Season Intro”

  1. SG1Mitchell says:

    J.T. Lancer?

  2. rochstan123 says:

    Pamela Hensley was every mans wet dream, and in Buck rogers :o ). Use to look forward to this show. The 70′s/80′s had some great shows. Miss them days..

  3. AllabackA says:

    only in an 80s cop show intro could you see six vehicles decimated in less than a min. and a half lol

  4. rkonjr64 says:

    @thegentelman37 I think you mean “The Man from Atlantis” starring Patrick Duffy.

  5. thegentelman37 says:

    does anyone knows the name of an old seireis in which the hero turns into a fish or sort of and i think his name in the movie is ((MARK))


  6. supersal8199 says:

    @aziz5 It means “Have your gun ready to shoot”. But it could also be thought of as a sex pun.

  7. rollerballrico says:

    tash’s were in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. CnBurn61 says:

    Great stuff !!!….It must have been the inspiration to the opening credits to Mike Myers

  9. bigdannyg1969 says:

    Matt Houston was the man back then. Cool cars, a helicopter, and one fine looking assistant. C.J. Parsons a.k.a. Pamela Hensley was a hottie!

  10. Firelogger says:

    Do you have the 2nd season intro?

  11. aziz5 says:

    I am French
    What does it mean “Better cock yours Pistols” words said by Pamela Hensley
    it’s translate into french:”un homme armé en vaut deux!”

  12. Adom says:

    All I really remembered about this show was Pamela Hensley, the helicopter and Lee Horsely in a white suit with a Moustache. I had forgotten that cool little roadster he drove and the theme music.
    That house in the opening…is it the same one from the end of Commando….and the end of Beveryly Hills Cop?

  13. cdfreester says:

    A cross between Magnum P.I. and the Rockford Files. I liked it better than Magnum. It got bad after they changed things up and added Buddy Ebsen. That opening shot of Horsley’s crotch is funny. The censers must have been asleep the week they reviewed that.

  14. badboy4life7878 says:

    I only just realised he was hawkeye as well lol

  15. RavenHouseMystery says:

    This was a great show. I was in high school when it first aired in the early 80s and it always a lot of fun. Plenty of action and beautiful women, but with the added bonus of “murder mystery” plots. Lee Horsley was the man.:-)

  16. 14DaveHunter says:

    This was a great show, but I felt it was Magnum P.I. in Texas. Lee Horsley was tall and had the same hairstyle and mustache as Tom Selleck.

  17. 14DaveHunter says:


    He did and did a guest shot on “The Fall Guy”.

  18. mrcapablanca says:

    I remember this show. I remember it being very entertaining.

  19. october4891647 says:

    I remember the music very well and I recall liking the show a lot… thought I can’t remember a single scene.

  20. wonderglory says:

    Didn’t Robert Fuller (of “Emergency!” fame) guest-star on one episode of this show?

  21. Cavillier1970 says:

    @zqewkl dont know.

  22. zqewkl says:

    Do you know if it will be available in french version too?

  23. Cavillier1970 says:

    @zqewkl Next week Season 1 comes out. Enjoy it folks

  24. zqewkl says:

    I want it on DVD !

  25. Joannec95 says:

    She meant you better packed your gun.

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