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Match Game: The Pilot (1 of 1)

Before the series hit CBS, a pilot was needed to be made to see how the series worked on the screen. The Pilot was made and became a big hit. I’m testing out he Match Game Website’s bandwidth, and I need your help, I would like you to download Match Game Pilot from 1973. I want to see what happens and see if the site can take so many downloads, The pilot does not include Slate.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Match Game: The Pilot (1 of 1)”

  1. BlueBellyfluff says:

    Hey thats the evil host of the running man!

  2. justin63125 says:

    Did you guys see Bert Convy as a costestent on match game and host super password?

  3. msu2k9 says:

    Pretty good, just wish the bonus round was available to watch though, see if it was much different from the actual series.

  4. xxcelinux says:

    The Match Game 7x porno music still rules after all these years.

  5. 10Dec1971 says:

    Richard was SEXY!!!


  6. tonshaad1230 says:

    As long as we have Richard, we shouldn’t worry.



    So is Betty White!

  8. SuperNezzy says:

    Gene doesn’t have his Mic? I think it looks better like that.

  9. danetenshijanai says:

    Betty Whiiiiiite~! <3 <3

  10. smashwhammy says:

    @joezeppy06 what about in “bob barkers”

  11. MrAaronLadner says:

    My Favorte Version of Match Game is the 1990 Version with Ross Shafer.

  12. Tazzman says:

    I remember Match Game combined with Hollywood Squares but I do not think it lasted that long.

  13. spxmet says:

    The contestants are yummy!

  14. DENo1MatchGameFan says:

    Actually the show started with these bland questions during the first few weeks, then the fun began later on!

  15. torchkit says:

    I assume the contestants were actors.

  16. yaywhewclips242 says:

    that old bag Arlene! I wonder if some guy has that spinning light thingy in his basemennt (it’s probaly really small)?

  17. Juxtatype says:

    Jo Ann is yummy.

  18. nextbarker says:

    Anyone have the Match Game 1990 pilot with Bert Convy?

  19. PatrioticLionLeo says:

    That’s the first time I’ve seen Burt arguing with Betty!

  20. fashionglindaguru says:

    Betty White is also in her usual spot.

  21. need4news says:

    Betty gets in a subtle dig at having her first answer dismissed by saying, “I don’t know if this is a match, Gene, the way YOU play the game.”


  22. gpciie says:

    The second is correct. Initial ratings were pretty bad, so the writers and production crew decided to spice things up. Ta-da! Thus was born the racy (and massively popular) Match Game.

  23. njr75003 says:

    Any chance you have them playing the Jackpot Match part of the game? I’d like to see how it played pre-series.

  24. quiznationrules says:

    This pretty much pre-dated Family Feud.

  25. tonshaad1230 says:

    Richard Dawson is the only person who is the original celebrity that’s sitting in his original seat in his original row. Something nice to see. Match Game is a good game.

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