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Match Game: The Pilot (1 of 1)

Before the series hit CBS, a pilot was needed to be made to see how the series worked on the screen. The Pilot was made and became a big hit. I’m testing out he Match Game Website’s bandwidth, and I need your help, I would like you to download Match Game Pilot from 1973. I want to see what happens and see if the site can take so many downloads, The pilot does not include Slate.

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25 Responses to “Match Game: The Pilot (1 of 1)”

  1. ManleyStanley3 says:

    to bad wendy didnt have red hair..

  2. radmason says:

    That music was funky especially the wah wah guitar & funky bass every afternoon after school i hurry home to watch Match Game.

  3. thishereguitar says:

    The best answer to Question No. 2 is “Jo Ann Pflug.”

  4. dagdogg says:

    @dagdogg The panel’s cards were also green, not blue.

  5. dagdogg says:

    @prausch65 And the triangles were blue instead of green.

  6. greenbeen123 says:

    what did he say in french

  7. Hondo20132 says:

    gameshowtemple just uploaded the entire pilot, and in excellent quality too!

  8. SoCalBuck42 says:

    If its the pilot episode, how could she have already won $1,200/

  9. biohazardthesecond says:

    I wonder why the set designer put that odd ledge behind the lower panel’s chairs?

  10. familyfeudfan95 says:

    @fluteplaya22593 She came on in 1973, after a few weeks Match Game was on the air. Since Jack Klugman was on the show, he mentioned the idea of Brett appearing on the show.

  11. dagdogg says:

    @Primex007 On many game show pilots, they had a player caled the champion but really wasn’t as that was just for the pilot.

  12. mediamadman747 says:

    @SmappleMcWingers “Gene’s mike was SO big he had a hard time keeping it in his “blank.”

  13. mediamadman747 says:

    It’s been reported Gene, who had worked at NBC in New York in the early 60s, didn’t like Jack Parr and thought his abrupt resignation was the action of a spoiled little rich kid from Connecticut.

  14. WaltGekko says:

    @SuperNezzy Gene only used his mic for the Super Match round in the first season or two. He only used it full-time in later season.

  15. SmappleMcWingers says:

    Where;s Gene’s mic?

  16. dj09492 says:

    Is it wrong that i watch these for the outfits?? I love how people dressed back then!!

  17. fluteplaya22593 says:

    When did Brett come on the show?

  18. Primex007 says:

    Not the pilot listen to what Gene said about the champion she had won 1200 dollars

  19. weightfeather1 says:

    The answers had to get cuter and racier or it never would have made it!

  20. vantalge says:

    I read once that Jack Klugman agreed to do this episode in return for his then-wife Brett getting a regular gig on the show.

  21. justin63125 says:

    @jrchevy Betty white is in her 80s now

  22. MegastarLV says:

    @justin63125 He was actually a panelist on Match Game.

  23. ojiisanhikui says:

    Obvious that this is the pilot. The questions are a little more serious than usual. But still fun to watch.

  24. jrchevy says:

    Wow… Betty White was only in her 50′s!

  25. VikutaaChyaaruzu says:

    It’s possibly meant to demonstrate how the game’s returning champion system worked.

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