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Match Game – Cuckoo _____

A contestant named Ginger gives two of the worst answers EVER heard on “Match Game.”

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25 Responses to “Match Game – Cuckoo _____”

  1. weightfeather1 says:

    Accordion isn’t funny. 50 jocks IS funny. A tennis racket IS funny, Cuckoo, Friend and Ollie is wierd, but strangely funny. But WHY is Joyce Bulifant wearing that freakin’ red wig?

  2. residentevilnerd says:

    um … an acordion! … awwwwwwwwwwww :(
    cuckoo friend and ollie …..

  3. onemooners says:


  4. BalletWatcher says:

    That woman is THE stupidest person ever on a game show!!!

  5. BalletWatcher says:

    They don’t make shows like this anymore. Fun vs money. RIP Gene Rayburn, Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Sommers ect.

  6. cuttock says:

    Adam, thanks for these gems. Do you record ‘em of the GSN?
    I wonder if these are on DVD, I’d buy ‘em!

  7. er6789er says:

    OMG!!! One of the stupidest people on this planet!!! So Funny!!! Thanks for the freaking side splitting laughter!!!!

  8. Seaclam67 says:

    I don’t know the exact year of this episode, but I was 10 years old in 1977 and had been watching this for a few years. Even though I didn’t “get” the sexual puns in the questions at the time, I remember it just as you see it here. A very relaxed, fun show that when you look back at the 70′s, was completely in perfect form. Tattle Tales had some of this magic too, but for my money, the 70′s Match Game will always be the best game show EVER!

  9. Seaclam67 says:

    Gene’s initial reaction is priceless. The absolutely stunned look on his face at what he just heard. Classic! Poor lady, she clearly doesn’t handle the pressure of being in the spotlight. Lots of people draw blanks or stupid answers when they are very nervous. What a great moment. You play it over and over and it just keeps on getting better and better!

  10. averypack13 says:

    @HinataSoul No, she means Kukla, but still what a ditz!! and she not even a hot blonde…..OMG!!

  11. averypack13 says:

    Clock!! YOU DITZ!! Cuckoo CLOCK!! How did she win this game. I want to jump through this screen!!

  12. averypack13 says:

    HAHA! What’s with Joyce Buffant’s poofy orange hair?? What is that?

  13. onemooners says:

    memories of this show in general

  14. lionslicer9999 says:

    You dirty slot

  15. Djarra says:

    Ginger sure was sexy.

  16. HinataSoul says:

    @DEATHEXISTFOREVER Cookun, Fran, and Ollie is what she meant, but she said “Cookoo Friend and Ollie”. I love how you found the accordian tie-in too, amazing.

  17. moneyplays17 says:

    i would have said steroids

  18. tryithere says:

    Sad part is she won the game

  19. NorwegicusOnAstick says:

    Air head.

  20. SuperNezzy says:

    how on earth ,did this dingbat ever get to the final????

  21. HaySto15 says:

    she is an idiot!!

  22. SuperNezzy says:

    what a ditz! LOL

  23. JWBlottin says:

    Was that Carrot TOP!

  24. SmokeRulz says:


    Oh god, total mayhem.

  25. jumpinspringheeled says:

    Match Game! Thanks for this classic! Does anyone have the Match Game set for sale? Plus the awesome sound track! :p

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