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Match Game… BOOBS!

On Match Game ’74… a contestant answers a question with a racy answer. Hilarity ensues.
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25 Responses to “Match Game… BOOBS!”

  1. bobszvetics1 says:


  2. waderulz96 says:

    Brett is SO wasted!!!!

  3. TabalugaDragon says:

    so which answer was right?

  4. KOHF34 says:

    They used to get away with murder on this show, that’s what made it so great.

  5. lcozzarelli says:

    And this wasn’t even “Match Game PM”!

  6. LondonSnaps1 says:

    lmfao match game is classic.

  7. rever65 says:

    Used to watch this after school and loved it. A comedian (can’t recall name) who used to occasionally appear on the show, was being interviewed once and claimed that after each taping, (5 shows/day), they would meet in the commissary and have drinks. He said, to the effect, “by the time Wednesday’s show was on, we were bombed…” Today this would be scripted, but back then, the drinks took care of that. Love the ashtrays. Just like ma & pa’s parties long ago. Everything today is so uptight.

  8. ScottLahti says:

    Speaking of fannies, bosom buddy, would you show us yours?

  9. gr8zackattack says:

    “There’s nothing wrong with Mother Nature, it’s just not nice to fool with her!”

  10. jlk2100 says:

    steve allen’s voice reminds me of jon miller, the sf giants broadcaster

  11. RafaelAlessandra says:

    Brett was drunk!

  12. smashc0m says:

    4:00 Sit down! Sit DOWN!!!

  13. charlierelatefmqh says:

    I think that she is not afraid of taking chances and she is a woman who knows her own strength. – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M – -

  14. daddyoscott says:


  15. DorvellTStewart says:

    Well, what else was she supposed to say! LOL! CLASIC!

  16. fiset35 says:


  17. marinerman says:

    Gotta love how Gene makes innuendo an art, “Speaking of bosoms… Fannie would you show us yours?”

    R.I.P. Gene Rayburn “The Master of the Innuendo”

  18. KenoshiAkai says:

    I miss shows like this. Definitely another era.

  19. kotraquin says:

    anyone notice they have ashtrays

  20. gooffbball says:

    TV shows today do not even compare to those of yesteryear, such as Match Game or All in the Family for example. The sitcoms aren’t even funny. The funniest shows on TV are in daytime Ellen and The View. If anyone disagrees about new sitcoms that are as funny feel free to comment so I can watch the show.

  21. migduh says:

    match game had a pimpin theme song

  22. nflfan85 says:

    all time classic

  23. missnauticaqueen says:

    This ep is airing now! I’m not surprised Richard didn’t leave lol.

  24. rvhawkeye says:

    miss those days,,, these days are full of shit

  25. chifour66 says:

    @roflret Because ppl see everything and say anything, so while this was funny and shocking back in ’74, not now. Sadly.

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