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Match Game… BOOBS!

On Match Game ’74… a contestant answers a question with a racy answer. Hilarity ensues.
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25 Responses to “Match Game… BOOBS!”

  1. BURRR478 says:

    @luvulngtime2 so did i

  2. jaibhakti says:

    One of the most hilarious game shows ever! The fact that the FCC was so strict with “off-color” remarks is what made these old game shows so funny: the innuendo and double entendras only worked so brilliantly BECAUSE of the censors! Now, I’m all for free speech, but you have to admit, this contestant’s answer wouldn’t cause anyone to bat an eye, let alone laugh so hysterically today.
    MATCH GAME, Bob Eubank’s NEWLYWED GAME, and Richard Dawson’s FAMILY FUED: classic comedic humor!

  3. MervynCruddy says:

    Two thoughts:

    Steve Allen was not sporting a good look at this time.
    I wish I could block certain posters so that I would not have to wade through their juvenile flame war.

  4. Gnaticus says:

    Tap 3 for the remix!

  5. Jeremothy says:

    I think that 8 posts in a row is a record.

  6. zazozung says:

    Notice the ashtray at 3:50. Times have indeed changed.

  7. noclassatall says:

    You know Brett, Gene, Charles, Richard and Fannie always tossed a few back before, during and after the show. I miss those days

  8. cda345 says:

    Fannie at 3:57 lol!

  9. TheLizardKing1967 says:

    @BDOUG23 Sounds like something your mom told you before you laid your one inch pipe in her. LMAO

  10. BDOUG23 says:

    @TheLizardKing1967 Wow man, that’s something a 12 year old kid would say.

  11. BDOUG23 says:

    @TheLizardKing1967 LOL……Are you for real? INTERNET GANGSTER. LOL Most likely some fat ass kid with soda cans all over his room living with mom.

  12. BDOUG23 says:

    @TheLizardKing1967 First of all, go paaaaaaark ya caaaaaaaaaaaaar? That’s a BOSTON accent asshole…LOL I don’t live in Boston. Also, what does your shoes have to do with anything? Pathetic

  13. BDOUG23 says:

    @TheLizardKing1967 Mission accomplished? LOL Do you know what you sound like? No nerves hit here, you are just boring me. If that 1967 means your birth year then you have some issues at 44 years old saying mission accomplished. I already knew you had issues when you wanted to bag a 67 year old woman but Jesus…LOL WOW. I take it you sit here all day and make an asshole out of yourself to hit people’s nerves on purpose. That says you have NO JOB and live at home…

  14. BDOUG23 says:

    @TheLizardKing1967 Why, that would be you big boy. Anyway loser, fuck off! LOL Fannie Flagg. LOL

  15. BDOUG23 says:

    @TheLizardKing1967 Make it aluminum big boy

  16. BDOUG23 says:

    @TheLizardKing1967 OK

  17. BDOUG23 says:

    @TheLizardKing1967 Really? She’s 67!!! eeew

  18. Nickrj3 says:

    3:45 is one the show’s funniest moments

  19. musiclover65100 says:

    Darius595 u r a perv my friend told me to watch this and it’s stupid

  20. darius595 says:

    speaking of bazzooms fanny could you should us yours

  21. CarpathianCarl says:

    @heyufool1 LOL, when Richard Dawson did Family Feud after this, he’d kiss every woman on each side on the lips. It’s kinda funny as some women would blush or get uncomfortable, some husbands looked like they wanted to punch him, and meanwhile the the thought of him passing oral herpes around was kind of disturbing knowing what people know about STD’s now :(

  22. heyufool1 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Richard Dawson looks a lot like Robert Shaw?

  23. vernmcbain says:

    I still watch this on the game show network

  24. vernmcbain says:

    i love watching richard smoking on the game u would put in jail nowadays no more freedom in the U S A

  25. Carlinrules22 says:

    George Carlin sent me here

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