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Match Game 76: Charles Spills His Water

Charles spills his water on Brett. And he doesn’t hold back what he thinks about her jewelry…
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16 Responses to “Match Game 76: Charles Spills His Water”

  1. fullbag50 says:

    ‘Water and large chunks of ice’? More like vodka and large chunks of ice.

  2. talladegajunkie1439 says:

    “She said my hat was cheap”

  3. JimmyD4u69 says:

    wow nice 70′s shirt Charles got on there! –haha

    btw- -Brett Somers was married to Oscar Madison of the 0dd Couple in real life –Jack Klugma.

  4. LondonSnaps1 says:


  5. maxyboyful says:

    oh i miss this show… i wasnt around back then..
    rest in peace charles… he died in 2007.

  6. raiders1967 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better.

  7. ardalsgirl says:

    I love the chemistry between Charles and Brett, makes the whole show! :)

  8. fishhead06 says:

    Hah! They’re pickled!

  9. miketodd67 says:

    With a shirt like that she comments on his hat?

  10. DENo1MatchGameFan says:

    The “Sonny & Cher” of the 1970′s game show circuit!

  11. Boogieman918 says:

    I love Gay

  12. sammygrew says:

    Charles you silly boy you always made us laugh…

  13. tommy76tx says:

    Oh that Brett and Charles were something else. Sometimes they act like sister/brother or even wife/husband.

  14. bultaco111 says:

    it also had a cool theme song… I’m a songwriter and I stole part of it and use it in one of my songs!

  15. Jeff98177 says:

    I could watch these MG clips all day. Come to think of it, I think I have. They bring back fond memories of coming home after school in the 1970s, turning on the TV and waiting to see what would happen. MG wasn’t so much a game show as it was a party in which everyone was invited. I miss this show. :-)

  16. mylesspike119 says:

    R.I.P. Brett Somers 1924-2007.

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