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MASTERPIECE | Upstairs Downstairs | Behind the Scenes Interviews | PBS Upstairs Downstairs, premieres April 10th 9/8C on PBS. Secrets, scandal & seduction — it’s going to be a busy year for the residents of Eaton Place. An enormous success worldwide, the original Upstairs Downstairs won seven Emmys during its run on MASTERPIECE THEATRE in the mid-1970s—including Best Actress for Jean Marsh, who returns in the new three-part series as Rose, this time as the housekeeper. The drama unfolds as new inhabitants move into the same house, 165 Eaton Place in 1936, and a new army of servants and butlers are hired to manage the household. In this tale of tension, MASTERPIECE pulls from their family favorites and includes the original series co-creator (with Jean Marsh) Eileen Atkins (Cranford), Keeley Hawes (Wives and Daughters), Ed Stoppard, and Art Malik (The Jewel in the Crown) with a script by Emmy-nominee Heidi Thomas (Cranford).
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6 Responses to “MASTERPIECE | Upstairs Downstairs | Behind the Scenes Interviews | PBS”

  1. bowler8 says:

    Thought rose went to work for the bellamys when they left eaton place?

  2. ShawDAMAN says:

    @pragmatist999 agreed. I hate to see the BBC losing what has so long set it apart from the more tawdry, salacious, shallower programming often seen in the U.S. (i’m american, BTW)

  3. pragmatist999 says:

    I hope that this new series does not drift towards what we see in most TV shows today that seem solely focused on producing shallow stories woven around decadent lifestyles and lots of greed, money and sex – perhaps only reflecting the personal lives and priorities of Hollywood personalities.

  4. alittlebite says:

    i don’t think we should get hung up on the details….this is just a nice way to spend the next few sunday nights without the occurrence of foul language, unreasonable violence or sexual content. Just simply: a nice script by Heidi Thomas, lush costumes, a brief glimpse into one of our allies life during pre;wwii and of course, the staples of bbc-tv…always pleasant to see & hear the grand dames, Marsh & Atkins. I’m already happy to hear bbc commissioned a season 2!

  5. crossy70 says:

    This is really lame! They already said at the end of the last Upstairs Downstairs in 1974/5 that the house was being converted into “flats.” This is like re-making Gone with the Wind, the Empire Strikes Back with a different cast.
    Also- why is this house WAY bigger than the old one? The entrance is like 4 times bigger.

  6. pin9y says:

    I can’t wait to see this.

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