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Massive Seventeen

Massive Seventeen
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17 Responses to “Massive Seventeen”

  1. makeamelaugh says:


  2. rushnerd says:

    This is hilarious

  3. ksharpe10 says:

    Holy smoke the commercial is twice the volume of the show!!

  4. odeonusIX says:

    i’m eating doritos while watching this, what a coincidence.

  5. brainyscienceguy says:

    I smoked marijuana once. It made me want to rape and kill.

  6. TheFrogger15 says:

    @RetroFishman Marijuana is the flame, Herion is the fuse, LSD is Da bomb.

  7. RichieEastside says:

    Milk and hot dogs?? That’s freaking gross… :(

  8. RetroFishman says:

    So they checked the boys room before they left and found a second small box.of marijuana. Kids probably all excited they didnt find his hydro set up in the garage. Id be stoked.

  9. pantsarehard says:

    holy crap screw tube and their fucking ads. god damn it!
    is nothing sacred anymore?!?!?

  10. DevoShire says:

    That EEE-eeeVIL mariHUANA does this EVERY time…

  11. anBrewstokes says:

    I once got an idea to do somethng that violent, when i was smoking some pot.


  12. 1594svt98 says:

    Those were two of the sorriest joints I’ve ever seen. And Harry Jr. Typical stool pidgeon, rats out ole Johnny right off the bat when he’s been pinched.

  13. goindownthe1road says:

    OMG !! Not…..MARIJUANA !!!

  14. goindownthe1road says:

    In an episode from the previous season they said there were 4 million, so I guess they lost a couple of mil.

  15. 70sClassics says:

    I’m not an expert on how long days are in LA, but it seems a bit dark for 5:30pm – when the Sun sets aroud 7:30pm?

    It must be the drugs!

  16. beavis6363 says:

    turn your speakers down befor the end, the advert is VERY LOUD.

  17. forloveoffilm says:

    That jazz music is driving the kids crazy I tell you.

    2 million in LA? On what block?

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