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Mask of Zorro – Diego’s Goodbye – Mask of Zorro(Finale)

This would be my field show…might as well let it all out: DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO PLAY THIS?! IT GOES WAAAAAAY TOO FAST! IT GOES WAAAY OUT OF MY RANGE(and I’m only THIRD trumpet)! And–And–AND I JUST GOT OUT OF JUNIOR HIGH! Can you believe that I’m supposed to MEMORIZE this?! Anyway, the pieces are: Mask of Zorro, Diego’s Goodbye, and Mask of Zorro-Finale. Oh yes, one more thing: Mitch(a trumpet guiness my age that I’ve been in band with since 4th grade) was able to play it perfectly as soon as he got it(He’s better than the section leader XD!). —– That was my first impression, now I have memorized the first and second song but the third one…I can’t seem to get past the fuge(fug fiuge, however you spell it) TTT.TTT . Maybe I’m just not as talented as you all, but can you try to be a little nicer?

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25 Responses to “Mask of Zorro – Diego’s Goodbye – Mask of Zorro(Finale)”

  1. stevenhamlin1000 says:

    @jf7333 i play trombone and i don’t have a problem with it and i have to find the slide position you have to figure out the fingering once you figure that out just remember the fingerings i also play euphonium so don’t get me wrong.

  2. jf7333 says:

    this song is fuckin shit…
    i play tuba for this song…
    the tempo is very fast..!!

  3. stevenhamlin1000 says:

    @Trumpets97 hey chloe

  4. Trumpets97 says:

    EASY(: coming from an 8th grader who marched with the high school, and played 3rd trumpet(: look us up “CCHS @ Bandmasters” we cut out some parts of the songs, and i loved playing this!!!:D

  5. Trumpets97 says:

    Ok, this is how i see it. I am an 8th grader who got to march with the high school band this past season, and this was our field show..I had 3rd trumpet, and let me tell you this, it was INSANELY EASY!! and i don’t see why everyone thinks its hard, it was really fun, and i loved the experience! If you wanna look us up, look up
    “CCHS @ Bandmasters “, we werre at the Liberty Bowl, and unfortunatly we cut out some parrts of the songs, which i wish we woudlve done them.. btw,TRUMPETS R BEAST (:

  6. furstone1 says:

    The Legend of Zorro continues or maybe it begins again in the Hollywood Theater of the Ear full-cast audio drama adventure The Mark of Zorro starring Val Kilmer and a brilliant cast. Hear Zorro creator Johnston McCulley’s original story come to life in this dramatic audio production.

  7. lollipop9743 says:

    we played this show in marching band this year.. we did good,,, could have done better… ima rookie this year so idk if we coulda done better… lol i play clarinet…. idk why im puttin all this on here… welp byee =)

  8. furstone1 says:

    If you liked The Mask of Zorro then then check out the new full-cast audio drama version´╗┐ of The Mark of Zorro starring Val Kilmer being produced by the multi-award winning Hollywood Theater of the Ear. It will released by Blackstone Audio on April 1, 2011.

  9. ssqweeky1 says:

    @hobbyboy1 Ok, cool. Had senior trip there. it was fun :)

  10. hobbyboy1 says:

    @ssqweeky1 canyon country is actually located 35 minutes from six flags magic mountain.

  11. ssqweeky1 says:

    @hobbyboy1 I honestly have no idea where that is,but i was in sacramento

  12. hobbyboy1 says:

    @ssqweeky1 I went to canyon high school in canyon country, Ca when I did this field show in 2004

  13. ssqweeky1 says:

    @hobbyboy1 same here at Kennedy. Go FLuties ;)

  14. KingdomKupo says:

    @type1girl Oh gosh, our guard LOVED doing this show. It was amazing.
    Should look it up, North Davidson high school.

  15. MrUsDreeL says:

    what-s the name of melody 3:35 – ?

  16. hobbyboy1 says:

    this was my field show in 2004 :) in high school

  17. BiGBo5050 says:

    @WTFitsKeKe lol how did u kno???

  18. chris951623 says:

    @WTFitsKeKe hell yea baritones all the way but wat about tuba cuz im both a tuba and a baritone

  19. chris951623 says:

    @WTFitsKeKe hell yea baritones all the way but wat about tuba cuz im both a tuba and a baritone

  20. WTFitsKeKe says:

    @BiGBo5050 lol mike?

  21. WTFitsKeKe says:

    baritones all tha wayy :D btw any advice on the finale, measures 82-85? we can’t seem to get that right

  22. SpoonxEmo says:

    @Sentenious Oh! Hello there x)
    This is Alyssa.

  23. Sentenious says:

    @SpoonxEmo David

  24. SpoonxEmo says:

    @Sentenious Yeah! Who is this? :U

  25. Sentenious says:

    @SpoonxEmo Arnold high? Im in the band :p

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