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M*A*S*H theme song

The M*A*S*H saga in one 3 minute long video.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “M*A*S*H theme song”

  1. ZoeyxZelda says:

    I loved it!!!! I thought it was amazing!! And ur right M*A*S*H dose rule!!!! :)

  2. DrClay999 says:

    Yeah I’ve seen every episode atleast twice. I still side with the newer cast, because they were more flexible for the directors to show touching moments in them.
    For example, Charles standing up for the studdering soldier, because of his sister. That couldn’t work with Frank, because most of the time Frank is just a total jack-ass.
    (I feel bad for him when Margret gets married though)
    BJ Honeycut is not as perverted as trapper, and can actually be emotional about his family.

  3. Smartboy8877 says:


    Thank you for the reply.

  4. toadfan64 says:

    I could just never get interested in it when I would watch it, I’ve seen this show many times, but it never really was my thing.

  5. Smartboy8877 says:


    In the first place, I would like to say that I agree that this theme song is pretty good. Now is there anything special about the show that you particularly do not like?

  6. Smartboy8877 says:


    The “Honeymooners” was way before I was born and I am crazy about it! To each his/her own!

  7. wfkTVpl says:

    Brawa dla ciebie koleĊ› :P PP

  8. toadfan64 says:

    Not here to hate or anything, but since I was like 4 years old this was the only thing I looked forward to when MASH came on, still to this day love the theme, don’t care for the show.

  9. CRONOS7O5 says:

    @ChoseiBones great spelling………

  10. theceejmeister1 says:

    Thumbs up if u think this is the best show in the world!!!

  11. 101laurierblaadje101 says:

    hahaha i remember stewy from family guy singing this :P

  12. theaterqueen95 says:

    I love Hawkeye, this show was WAYYY before my time, but I love it so much!

  13. alekol88 says:

    wow. i’ve never heard this before though i’ve seen mash many times. i love the series but this song is a bit weird – like an ad for a suicide =/ the czech lyrics for this is much more optimistic

  14. HawkeyeMw2 says:

    MASH is awesome!!

  15. rtds9fan says:

    Loved the first few seasons when it was actually a comedy and funny.Wasn’t to thrilled with the second bunch and the serious angle it took…with the excepton of Col.Potter.

  16. DrClay999 says:

    Oh I have seen them, but I just like the later characters more for some reason. For example, Charles is an ass like frank, but he seems to have more of a heart (like when he helped that soldier with a speaking problem, because of his sister)
    I wish they would air “Goodbye Fairwell Amen” though, I never got to see it on the account of my age

  17. Wingerdinger0 says:

    @DrClay999 I agree with that, I liked pretty much every character in the show actually.

    You should check out the earlier seasons, Trapper was pretty cool, him and Hawkeye were awesome together comically, it’s a shame his actor left the show so early on. BJ is awesome too of course.

  18. DrClay999 says:

    M*A*S*H is the only series where both the later characters leave just as much as an impact on the audience as the early characters.
    Its basically the only series where the later characters are just as good or even better then the original cast, and very little shows have that.
    (Sorry, But I like Potter more then Blake and Charles more then Frank. Both actors are good, I just grew up with the later season.)

  19. wowomgist says:

    @ChoseiBones dumbass you can’t spell for shit

  20. KitttyNinja says:

    Radar was/is my favourite :)

  21. ashayanababy5 says:

    mash is awesome we like watch it pretty much every night

  22. rofflemows says:

    AWWWW BUFFALO BAGELS!!! >.< hehe ;)

  23. klikkapo says:

    @Fillistar true

  24. Fillistar says:

    @klikkapo Same here in the US
    I grew up with my parents watching the show (I’m 29 by the way)
    I dont think we got the hear the lyrics until the Movie came out
    …kind of like how Cheers has like 4 verses, but you only here a combination of them all I guess

  25. yourgodwillbowtous says:

    Japanese suicide is NOT painless if done correctly to code. does it mean you are weak or strong to partake of it?

    It may just be like a woman giving birth, who the hell knows.

    I don’t. and don’t really want to.

    Nobody has came out of that black hole yet and reported back.

    Or have they?

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