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mary hartman/carol burnett

carol’s mary hartman

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25 Responses to “mary hartman/carol burnett”

  1. MusicEd1 says:

    I love this! I grew up on both Carole Burnett and Mary Harman. Clasic funny stuff. Carole Burnett was and is SO rediculously talented, along with her then cast. Great clips. lol : )

  2. ccipollini1984 says:

    “I was right in the middle of the BIGGEST curd this morning!” lol

  3. tonyf734atl says:

    Loretta (Vickie)…”them little crystals have won my heart” I love that! LOL

  4. katmagoo1 says:

    When I was a kid my sisters and I would stay up late and watch Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and it was so crazy….I love what Carol Burnett did with this….funniest stuff ever.

  5. pgy002 says:

    I think Carol sorta remebles that woman who played Mary Hartman.

  6. nothingUneed2no says:

    great comedy!!

  7. spittysmom says:

    This is better than the original show ! If Carol and crew replaced the cast of Mary Hartman, they’d still be on the air today. Hilarious !!

  8. atlasshrugged2u says:

    Love Carol Burnett, The absolute best!!!

  9. kirk92270 says:


  10. sanantoniosquare says:

    Jim Nabors is really funny on here, he’s totally different than Gomer Pyle.

  11. muzician21 says:

    Funny – a parody of a parody.

  12. MamaTrina says:

    I Loved mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.
    But I love, love, LOVED Carol Burnett!!! <3

  13. claudenorth2007 says:

    At around 2:02, Carol-as-Mary says, “Look, if it’s about that dollhouse, I can explain everything…” This is a reference to a real life incident involving Louise Lasser. Apparently, she was busted for possession of cocaine while trying to buy a dollhouse in a Beverly Hills boutique.

  14. roblou62 says:

    LOL, it is Jim Nabors………Gomer Pyle

  15. musicalfan13 says:

    Is that Tennesse Williams?

  16. blahhduhhx3 says:

    I KNOW RIGHT! The LAST time i saw TCBS on tv land, was like 6 years ago, and it was a HUGE marathon! Then never again. Everyone should write like tons of emails to them telling them to bring it back! xD

  17. mel4pat2000 says:

    HILARIOUS! With all do respect to the very talented Louise Lasser and Mary Kay Place, I think Carol and Vicki did a better performance!…….LOL!

  18. jook88 says:

    Just let all of us know! LOL

  19. LelaMalfoy says:

    That could be. It doesn’t seem likely, but it might be an explanation. If I find someone who’s started a petition or if I figure out how to start one I would be overjoyed!!!

  20. jook88 says:

    Surely there’s a way to start some kind of petition!
    I’ve been to the TV Land website, and there are TONS of requests for the show to be brought back……..I’m starting to think that maybe Carol and The Gang don’t WANT it aired for some reason….

  21. LelaMalfoy says:

    I know!! people watch tv land for old tv shows., and that’s the entire premise, so what is the point of not showing them??? I watch old tv shows other places, but no where is carol burnett on air :(

  22. jook88 says:

    it seriously sucks—there’s no way that their ratings WOULDN’T go up with carol on the network—(and lucy too!) WHAT IS THE DEAL?

  23. LelaMalfoy says:

    lol i replied hell yeah before i scrolled down and saw this so yeah i def. agree

  24. LelaMalfoy says:

    Hell yeah! TVland, the CLASSIC tv network barely plays anything CLASSIC anymore at all! except for bonanza and gunsmoke it might as well be a normal network.

  25. modianos says:

    and the bloopers! nuttin better!

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