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mary hartman mary hartman

looney comedy from back in the day

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25 Responses to “mary hartman mary hartman”

  1. stuiemonsterfan says:

    OMG ed beagly JR

  2. 747p38 says:

    This show spawned Fernwood 2night starring Martin Mull who played Barth Gimble. He was the twin brother of Garth Gimble who was a character on Mary Hartman Mary Hartman That was killed by getting stabbed to death by a Christmas tree falling on him!!!! LOL!!

  3. kodiakbear25 says:

    Good god I have not seen this in ages.

  4. Pegbur says:

    What? She was just doing a skit on her show to be funny…

  5. MultiMeli123 says:

    Wow talk about retro! I haven’tseen this show since I was a kid!!! What’s up w/ Carol Burnette playing the Mary Heartman part? Did the orgional woman leave???

  6. Bestmanme08 says:

    Martin Mull (Garth Gimble) in great new bio (Charlton Heston: An Incredible Life: Revised Edition) at amazon!

  7. Ahavah8Ahavah says:

    Oh man…I even owned (still at my parents house) the record album by Mary Kay Place!! LOL…I wonder if it’s worth something now!

  8. rainstar614 says:

    why would you need a laugh must be as dizzy as mary to think that.

  9. paktype says:

    Like many others, this show was ahead of its time. Its a spoof of soap operas and their outlandish plots. Problem was, in the ’70s, people were still addicted to soaps and weren’t ready to spoof them. If there was a laugh track to this show, people would have understood its purpose.

  10. thekatna says:

    you can purchase copies online

  11. Methadone4Life says:

    Used to love this as a teen. Wish I could find full episodes,what a great show.

  12. hamtrak says:

    Debralee Scott RIP.

  13. mq1986 says:

    Oh Lord–Mary Hartman sure was nutty (that Louise Lasser was a nutbag both on and off her show), but Twin Peaks was on a whole other level.

  14. floydrharper says:

    God, I miss the old days!! TV isn’t worth plugging in these days.

  15. BestManMe09 says:

    Martin Mull (Garth Gimble on Mary Hartman) admitted in a 1978 interview with Newsweek that he never yelled in reallife. He is naturally lobotomized and weird for it. Count yourself as normal if you get angry and yell on slim occasion.

  16. pdonster2 says:

    This and Twin Peaks had to be the two weirdest shows on TV.

  17. sibrent1 says:

    As I review some of these old shows I watched as a kid, it’s becoming very clear why I’m so maladjusted.

  18. andrewdcarter says:

    Wow this show brings back so many memories…from childhood…especially the opener…and Dody died today…seems almost like simpler time.

  19. oliveol99 says:

    amen, to that!!! :)

  20. Msbookie says:

    Rest in Peace Dody; the lord allowed you to reach maturity on this earth. God Bless, right after George Carlin….who’s next? 6-23-08

  21. Sonnie55 says:

    Ha, yep. I used to watch this when I was a teenager. Weird but funny.

  22. luvlife347 says:

    OMG! My family actually used to watch this. Crazy then and crazy now. LOL

  23. IDLERACER says:

    R.I.P. Theme Composer Earl Hagen

  24. jamesbond504 says:

    brings back memories,prime time 70′s childhood times.

  25. spacetimecontinuum says:

    Thanks for posting this.

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