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Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman promo clip

Promotional clip from ~2000 for the 1976 cult TV show “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”. The first 25 episodes are due to be released in March 2007 by Sony

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25 Responses to “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman promo clip”

  1. jazzynet1 says:

    i heard she was a coke addict and anyone who had done coke you do stupid stuff like whipe your teeth etc.. To be honest, my cousin and i were totally mind fucked on some heavy drugs one night and we were watching mary hartman and i remember she went off on one of her tirades. we had to turn that shit off as it was tripping us out to badly :D .

  2. Chawman says:

    They released the first season on DVD and then left us hanging. Nothing since. Sony can kiss my ass.

  3. triptych3z says:


  4. earlzwow says:

    I’d enjoy screaming loudly ” Mary Hartman , Mary Hartman ! “

  5. xvoy2002 says:

    This for sure, was one unusual show. Was on later at night. The plots got stranger and stranger as the show went culminating with Loretta’s husband receiving a transplant from a great dane. Was one of a kind, that’s for sure.

  6. videolover61 says:

    This show was the shit!!!!!

  7. bg147 says:

    loved it

  8. Bestmanme08 says:

    Martin Mull (Garth Gimble)is in a great new bio (Charlton Heston: An Incredible LIfe: Revised Edition) availalble at amazon!

  9. biolectron says:

    WOW .! What a blast from the past i remember this show as a child and could not stand it, perhaps now that I’m older i might appreciate it more.

  10. suetiggers says:

    My very favorite was when Loretta’s husband had the accident and needed a penis transplant. They showed her husband going to a vet to get one. Mary asked Loretta how sex was after that and Loretta said it was great except when he came, he barked.
    really great stuff…I so miss it..nothing like it before or since. We never missed it.

  11. icabuck says:

    Does anyone remember the thing Mary did when she, Louise Lasser, used to “dry her teeth” or something. She would rub her front teeth with her index finger. I remember meeting this girl that was such a fan, she picked up this habit.

  12. hamtrak says:

    RIP Debralee Scott.

  13. jebeja says:

    floydrharper, You’ve got that right. Unfortunately, those days are gone forever, and look at the mess and non-sense that has taken it’s place now. Thanks for the video what memories in deed.

  14. floydrharper says:

    Comparing this to the stream of meaningless drivel on TV today makes me long to go back in time…

  15. blank77 says:

    RIP:Dody Goodman.

  16. oliveol99 says:

    my fav. late nite show!!! Many memories!!!

  17. BestManMe09 says:

    Martin Mull (who played Garth Gimble on MHMH) has a naturally lobotomized condition where he is incapable of getting angry. He admitted in a 1978 Newsweek interview that he never yelled in reallife. My brother-in-law has the same condition and as a child was taken to a neurologist by his parents!

  18. Lala1167 says:

    Ah…the 70s…

    When life was so much better!!!

  19. spacetimecontinuum says:

    Love love love this show,just hearing the musc makes me feel like i’m 5 again!

  20. Fersommling says:

    Ah cain’t git me nuff o’ Mary Hartman! Sign me ratt up on the dottet lann!

  21. knovinski says:

    I get the impression your mother was a real character. I think I would like her!

  22. killerjoebenson says:

    LOL. Great 70′s stuff. All of my friends parents were high except mine.

  23. ardalsgirl says:

    Your mom sounds cool lol, I love both of those shows as well. :)

  24. ardalsgirl says:

    Lol oh my God really, that is hilarious!

  25. subwaysleuth says:

    Mary is the original Youtube.

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