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Mary Hartman Episode 1

Waxy yellow buildup, mass murder and the Fernwood Flasher.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Mary Hartman Episode 1”

  1. cldk says:

    Mary Hartman was a work of genius. If Louise Lasser hadn’t had her personal challenges this would have continued to grow its audience. Way ahead of its time and incredibly funny

  2. dwshill says:

    @ThoughtTraveler Isn’t that true now too?

  3. ThoughtTraveler says:

    Most adults were on drugs in the 70s…

  4. nelly17ful says:

    I didn’t even know about this show until Donny and Marie parodied it and I researched it. But Still I like Mary Hartman

  5. nelly17ful says:

    I didn’t even know about this show until Donny and Marie parodied it and I researched it.

  6. sethocopia says:

    Isn’t she a little old for pigtails?

  7. jamesa4050 says:

    this show provided me with a very unique experience. as i remember, best enjoyed after a few tokes which put me into a very focused trance so that i could deeply appreciate what mary was going through. i even had a little crush on mary. oh yes, very strange… :)

  8. videotimesss1 says:

    Mary Hartman, HR Puff’n'Stuff, and Speed racer, all on the same night! 1983 had some cool shows.

  9. Tenardwoman says:

    @lamarderren LOL!! I got sucked into a time warp watching the clips! Whatever happened to Louise Lasser anyway?

  10. parkman35 says:

    @fionafan22 That’s nice…I have the 1st season DVD, but it’s not the same as when it was actually on TV in it’s heyday…

  11. fionafan22 says:

    @parkman35 Umm, I am 27 and I know this show because of TV Land.

  12. fionafan22 says:

    @Tenardwoman This hasn’t been on TVLand in years. And more than likely, will never be seen on TVLand again given the channel’s current programming state.

  13. irvinetustin says:

    My mom wouldn’t let me watch this show as a kid. Now I see why.

  14. oliveol99 says:

    Totally loved this show as a kid!!

  15. nemo227 says:

    Someday the critics will agree that this show was brilliant; brilliant casting, brilliant acting, just brilliant concept. But who cares what the critics think; there just wasn’t another program like it.

  16. Tenardwoman says:

    When does this come on TVLand??

  17. StaticJolts says:

    lol….Listen…I can’t talk now…I’m on the phone. LOL What a nutty show……..absolutely brilliant. hehe

  18. chifour66 says:

    @EastCoastDude WTF? Conservative philistines? I grew up in the deep South in the 70s, no one missed this shit. It was fantastic. Don’t be so narrow minded.

  19. Yobachi2007 says:

    I’ve never even heard of this show until today. I stumbled by it when reading about Welcome Back Kotter (which Lasser left to do this show).

    Anyway I’m amused by people on the couple of clips I’ve watched saying that watching this show they didn’t know when to laugh because of no laugh track.

    What? You laugh when somethings funny, dildo. Are Americans so brain dead and programmed by the corporations that they have to be told when to think something’s funny.

  20. EastCoastDude says:

    Great show– great cast and acting, great writing, hilarious stuff, and NO laugh track. Hence the goober followers and conservative philistines didn’t know when to laugh. Louise Lasser was perfect in the role. Thanks for posting.

  21. ThePedrosanta says:

    Trailblazer,like a comet in the night,it’s sudden and until later you realize what happened.

  22. daisyroots says:

    dont forget the spinoff,,,,,,Fernwood tonight…..w/ Martin Mull

  23. lamardarren says:

    You would have to be on Drugs to Understand this show.

  24. jackson3rdhotmail says:

    i remember my parents without saying it aloud… ‘maryhartman’ was a tv show i better not watch or even worst get caught doing so. i was born 1965… so i snuck peeks… i knew it was xadultx then but didnt get it… im 45… i still dont get it… lol…

  25. Bryan514 says:

    This is hilarious. Who’d'a thought people in the seventies were funny?

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