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Mary Hartman Episode 1 Clip

Waxy yellow buildup, mass murder and the Fernwood Flasher.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Mary Hartman Episode 1 Clip”

  1. padrebill says:

    She was SMOKIN hot

  2. KingCast65 says:

    @parkman35 I went to undergrad at Xavier University in 1984. Say no more :)

  3. parkman35 says:

    @kimchiman1000 Yeah you’re right..Ultra High Frequency . It was supposed to out do the VHF stations when it was developed. I alwasy found there were more problems with UHF stations (designated channels 14-83) than VHF (2-13). In 1968 my Dad bought our first color TV and it had UHF capability and he spents so much time cursing and stewing while trying to get good reception on a UHF channel!

  4. ned2350 says:

    @parkman35 : You might need to explain to him what UHF was.

  5. parkman35 says:

    @farcher3 Thanks farcher..I bought it right after it came out..I wish they would release more episodes. The show took some interesting twists after this particular season after Mary ran away with Sgt Dennis Foley. Soon after the show was renamed Forever Fernwood and there were some bizzare goings on!

  6. farcher3 says:

    @parkman35 This show has just been released on DVD. You might want to get it. Then you can watch it whenever you want. Just wanted to let you know!

  7. farcher3 says:

    @kimchiman1000 This show has just been released on DVD. You might want to get it. Then you can watch it whenever you want. Just wanted to let you know.

  8. video752 says:

    @travis082185 yup. part of my broadcasting class.

  9. ShadowOrin says:

    I wish you still could get ludes I would be just like her out of it lol

  10. flspy says:

    @parkman35 Agreed. This society is SO LAME! Back then we could play dodgeball and kickball without a standby trauma nurse and psychological counseling. Boy are we raising a bunch of useless wimps. Might as well become Muslim now- they are going to take over.

  11. parkman35 says:

    @flspy Right…as if TV producers today much less this lame society is any better…

  12. SarahAnnie1 says:

    Mary Hartman is my moms name :) and she has red hair

  13. travis082185 says:

    @video752 in class? you have a class wherein you had to watch an episode of mary hartman?

  14. travis082185 says:

    @parkman35 THIS IS a very good show. i was born in 1985 and while researching tv shows from a soap opera genre i stumbled upon this one. i was lucky enough to be able to find some episodes.

  15. cityhonors1 says:

    Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman!

  16. cheeriosinabowl says:

    This show was a blast, loved it. So off-the-wall, entertaining.

    There was never another show like Mary Hartman.

  17. l0gically says:

    @2ndAsstJizzMopper you can watch it now, because it’s available on DVD (released recently).

  18. video752 says:

    just watched the pilot today in class, this has such strange humor yet I still LOL’d.
    the goats and chickens!

  19. flspy says:

    TV producers were constantly high back then. So were most of the viewers.

  20. chompersmcdougan says:

    I used to be frightened of Mary Hartman when I was a child…her braids.

  21. ianhzabner says:

    didn’t get it then, don’t get it now.

  22. 2ndAsstJizzMopper says:

    kicking myself for never watching this show when i was a tyke. WTF. it was on all the time, and this is the first i’ve seen anything beyond a promo. thanks. if you grew up in the 60s/70s, that waxy yellow buildup scene is too much. shaming housewives was 90% of commerce.

  23. nightstalkerck says:

    when this showed aired,i was 13,and was such a freak,i read the credits out loud,i wish the whole show was on dvd,i’ve part of 1st season

  24. edgarae1 says:

    @GarthanSaal444 or if you got the dvd…

  25. ashcarl116 says:

    debralee scott did lose fiance in 9/11 attacks. she did die in 2005. she’s also appeared on game shows, ‘riding on front of car’ gag in police academy 1 & 3.
    for good films she appeared as a corpse in dirty harry and was harrison ford’s girl in american graffiti the only actress not to become a star who appeared in the film. the ones who did are mackenzie phillips, candy clark, cindy williams, suzanne somers

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