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Mary Hartman – Baby BOY – vITAMIN l.

this is from my mary kay place lp my mom got it for at k-mart back in 1976! ive always been a big “mary hartman -mary hartman ” fan!

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14 Responses to “Mary Hartman – Baby BOY – vITAMIN l.”

  1. steveyanowsky says:

    She will forever be remembered as Loretta Haggers.

  2. 903davesharonpoky says:

    She’s a very popular drama actress now!

  3. ThatMiserableCat says:

    In Long Beach, Calif., we wouldn’t go to the “Lot” before Mary Hartman Mary Hartman. Then we could Disco. While at the Disco, opinions about Loretta Haggers, Charlie, Mary, Grandpa (EECH),
    Dennis the Cop, or our favorite, TOM, whom always seemed to be on the receiving end of bad stuff, could be properly re-hashed. What A Tune! Loretta
    Haggars, “Live at the Capri Lounge”.
    It just don’t get much better than Mary Hx2!

  4. 1100Shadow says:

    Corn-ball country at its best.Yes its meant as a compliment. Still love the guitar hook.

  5. SummerLove2363 says:

    This is awesome! This song stuck in my mind for years after seeing it on the show when my daughter was a baby; and I never thought I’d hear it again!
    I used to sing this to my daughter.
    Thank you!

  6. pekoe says:


  7. smashedup97504 says:

    A friend of mine did this song in drag recently ! it was great seeing Loretta Hagger’s song done in such a special way =]

  8. fdextro says:

    I bought this album on its original release at my local Woolworth’s. I consider it a lost classic. Buy the CD and you won’t be bored.

  9. FijiBlake says:

    Charlie Haggers had the most backhair ever…even more than George “The Animal” Steele.

  10. timmytickles says:

    i have so much love for Lorretta Haggers!!!

  11. dukkincuvur says:

    is disco the best or what?

  12. makemp01 says:

    I just finished the Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Volumn One DVD set and was remined what a joy it was watching Mary Kay Place as Loretta Haggars. I was not a country music fan but I loved her character.
    MH,MH will forever be one of my all-time favorite shows…ever!

  13. thetagirl1980 says:

    One of my favorite songs, thanks for posting this!

  14. vcl10 says:


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