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Martin Luther King Jr Interview (Portion 1 of three)

Martin Luther King Jr. on The Mike Douglas Show

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25 Responses to “Martin Luther King Jr Interview (Portion 1 of three)”

  1. Adrianwesker says:

    I swear to god If he ran for president naw! He would win easily! Even againts Obama. In my opinion He’ll be the best president in black history!

  2. rgoldsmi20876 says:

    Why was he not the first black president again?

  3. Bdestined says:

    Martin King was a awesome guy man they tried to get him and he handled it

  4. MatttthewF says:

    Be sure to watch “FULL JUSTICE” now on Youtube. It’s a brand new ORIGINAL SONG/VIDEO depicting the life and times of MLK.

  5. blackmonkey849 says:

    Videos of Dr. King speaking are my Zoloft.

  6. KINGRAYRAY says:

    i was born on the same day as mlk and i will try my best to carry on his legacy of peace and more moral duties in the united states of america instead of war

  7. ThomasPinching says:

    can you imagine somebody quoting t.s. eliot in a modern political debate. or any poet? or any writer? ridiculous. mlk is so good to listen to, i wish i had his cadence and diction. great man.


    @Novelboy2112 I just saw it and had no problem.. Your weird.

  9. Novelboy2112 says:

    @OMGITSDRJESUS Gosh I’m sorry Nancy, you won’t hear from me again.


    @Novelboy2112 Your a loser, like seriously.. You can’t watch it just like this?


    He reminds me of Ron Paul

  12. Novelboy2112 says:

    Is there a version of this video where the video and audio are properly synchronized?

  13. blootemo says:

    Phản hồi video này..ông mãi mãi là bạn của người việt yêu nước

  14. blootemo says:


  15. japstoryeditor says:

    Do you see boys and girls, that there is a man and a true American.

  16. somalisulja says:

    im sick and tired hearing the word negro.danm i thought they were gonna ambush him

  17. Nelrod22 says:

    hero of our country¡¡ I remember what he did, thanks God for that man¡¡

  18. moeschizlac says:

    Do you notice the six pointed stars on the walls in the background?

  19. jordan19822000 says:

    I think MLK wouldve been very proud to know Obama was in office. Esp. since MLK lived in a time when white racist senators fought so hard politically to not only keep blacks out of politics but to keep them out of white businesses, schools, and neglected them from even voting. Those racist senators are probably turning over in their grave with the fact a black man is the president.

  20. mattykRonPaul2012 says:

    sound like ron paul.

  21. bluestrapsify says:

    Except In THe USA religion is not taken into account when our interests are being threatened

  22. bluestrapsify says:

    I hate to say it but its not so much about Vietnam. But Its much like the Nazi’s < Comunism was seen as a real threat to the world. Hitler was’nt stoped soon enough . same with Comunism. There would have been other ways to do it but . Dr King’s Philosophy was always does a law square with the moral code, meaning is it a law God would aprove of. Therefore Killing is against gods law, So of course The war in his eyes is wrong And it is the duty of one to obey a just law and disobey a unjust law

  23. tonkinshipwreck69 says:

    Mike feels like a fool. He can’t hardly look in the camera. They can’t touch him. Mike covers his face a lot.

  24. PatrioticAstronaut says:

    Good Interview. There is a lot of ignorance in these comments. You people are so hypocritical in your beliefs that I wouldn’t be surprised If a large majority of you are with out a degree from an institution of higher learning.

  25. follownicholas says:

    This man should have been the first black President.

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