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Mark of Zorro Don Diego de la Vega vs. Captain Pasquale

WARNING!! THIS IS A SPOILER!! Chapter 20 of Mark of Zorro (1940). The classic sabre duel among Don Diego de la Vega and Captain Pasquale.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Mark of Zorro Don Diego de la Vega vs. Captain Pasquale”

  1. EricWolfborn says:

    I wish modern films were even half this entertaining. Keep your silly wire work stunts and grandstanding orchestral scores. This is far more enjoyable; both the acting and the swordplay.

  2. pureintellectual says:


  3. Hamhark98 says:

    @comixgod50 Those scenes were about emotion and the characters and not about the cool fighting. The fights needed to have feeling and raw emotion as they did and not be about the action itself.

  4. jrcadet4 says:

    @VigoronConYucca For insurance and safety purposes, Tyrone Power had an over-the-shoulder ‘double’ for parts of this sequence—probably Fred Cavens, who was Hollywood’s leading sword-master and instructor. (He may also have doubled Rathbone in some of Power’s close-up shots—hard to be sure, thanks to some VERY good film editing.)

  5. Lassannn says:

    They don’t make em like this anymore. These days, the swords would be digital.

  6. diginut96 says:

    Well the star wars films had the guy who worked with Douglas fairbanks and taught the actors and was a stunt double for darth vader

  7. MrPotatoesLatkie says:

    @Nawaz101 Sabre fencing. They are fencing with practice sabres, which were based on dueling sabres.

  8. comixgod50 says:

    If only they got these guys to be in the old star wars films. Honestly no matter what anyone says about how good the old star wars were….the fights did suck. Now get these people there or at least there to teach the actors to fight then u got a great action scene.

  9. ultimatesilverscreen says:

    this is the greatest sword fight in all filmdon. basil rathbone was indeed a sword master and taught tyron how to fence. if you look at the scene just before tyron is pushed up to the wall and says i needed that scratch to awaken me you’ll see just how intense rathbones fencing is. He is really trying to best tyone in the fencing test. what a scene, what a scene. Thank you Mr. Power and Mr. Rathbone. James

  10. Dakers11 says:

    As everyone knew that Tyrone Power was an excellent fencer .It is also true that he unfortunately suffered a Heart Attack & died while practicing a sword fight scene in “Soloman and Sheba” starring Gina Lollobrigida . He was then replaced by Yul Brynner. I’m quite sure there is probably footage somewhere in the studio vaults hidden away never to be seen of the actual rehearsel. I believe Basil Rathbone did state on the Mike Douglas Show that the greatest hand speed with a blade was Danny Kaye.

  11. h2750n says:

    @Nawaz101 It’s Saber fencing.

  12. Flipmignon100 says:

    The great Hollywood swordsman, Basil Rathbone, who starred with him in The Mark of Zorro, commented, “Power was the most agile man with a sword I’ve ever faced before a camera. Tyrone could have fenced Errol Flynn into a cocked hat.”

    And to add: Basil Rathbone was the British Army Fencing Champion — when swordfighting was still a deadly skill for a soldier; and that put him right at the Olympic level.

    Consider also that Tyrone Power was 22 years younger than him when they filmed this.

  13. SAMASzero says:

    Nice fight. I saw little, if any Flynning.

  14. WarLordSquerk says:

    Amen to that. This was actually gripping and exciting. I haven’t seen the movie, but it looks impressive!

  15. Madureirarsrsrsrsrsr says:

    @Nawaz101 I think it`s fencing, or something like that…

  16. Madureirarsrsrsrsrsr says:

    3 are pasquale`s fans

  17. Nawaz101 says:

    What do you call this type of sword fighting?

  18. LazlosPlane says:

    This is waaaaaaaaay sped up. Rathbone sounds like Buggs Freakin’ Bunny.

  19. SlamDunkStudios says:

    Fantastic scene. Lacks perhaps the style and charm of The Princess Bride, but it more than makes up for it with the skill of the fighters. The impact of the sword strokes and long, restrained takes are very much appreciated in an age where such conflicts are shot frantically and drenched in CGI.

  20. Dangerbil102 says:

    Basil Rathbone went on here and clicked dislike three times.

  21. Lassannn says:

    Let’s see Obi Wan or Anakin do this shit.

  22. Coffeextreme says:

    Do you tire DeAgo?

    Oh dear yes! You said this would be quick what the hell happened?

    I needed that scratch to awaken me!
    Red bull no waking you up fast enough? Five hour not lasting long enough?
    Try new sword scratch!

  23. mocrg says:

    Good fun.But the best fencer in the golden age of Hollywood was Cornel Wilde, who qualified for the 1936 Olympic team but took up acting. You can see his footwork and hand speed were on a totally different level. Strange how no one thought to cast him as Zorro.

  24. MrVampboy93 says:

    Wow…I mean..Whoa…I was blown away by that mad fencing!I mean…look at that movement!Man,you don’t see that kind of action anymore.

  25. TheBlitz1 says:

    @CaptainCarrion ahaha nice

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