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Mariska Hargitay in Falcon Crest (By request)

Funny clips of Mariska in Falcon Crest. A little dance and then a cat fight at a wedding… the typical Tuscany Wedding!
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25 Responses to “Mariska Hargitay in Falcon Crest (By request)”

  1. Skybird1970 says:

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    w w w . vintagetvreunions. com / falconcrest
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  2. Juliaflo says:

    Miss Hargitay demonstrated fine acting talent, to say nothing of the beauty her mother, Jayne Mansfield, left her.

  3. ladyrosamartinez says:

    mariska hargitay always catches the bad guy but she is getting in trouble now. lol

  4. wstacym says:

    Loved 2:33- 2;36. They’re so cute at that age.

  5. engrishprease says:


  6. pjaayit8 says:

    Can anybody upload falcon crest video episode by episode?
    Or anybody know which channel in´╗┐ Youtube have the falcon crest video episode by episode (from beginning episode up to the final episode)?

  7. CxHxRxIxSxTxIxAxN says:

    So. . .basically Mariska has been a cutie like her ENTIRE life. . .X-P

  8. sameerdias says:

    god, Mariska Hargitay was such a cutie, I can hardly believe she is the same woman who plays the rather sombre and uptight Olivia on Law and Order..

  9. tagcheeta1992 says:

    Kitty and olivia

  10. DaiveeEmilly says:

    she is so adorable thank you.

  11. MegaMcFail says:

    @Sharton3 what season is mariska in ? iwant to watch hose episodes sooo bad but i donhave it on DVD and i can’t find it on the internet

  12. twttwty says:

    Well okay! Lol

  13. cutehollister12123 says:

    that was sooo funnnnnyy!!!!!!!!!!! she is soo cute at the beggining

  14. bansheefan57 says:

    Long Live Melissa Agretti!!! Ana Alicia was da bomb!!!

  15. JayneAlisha says:

    haha this is hysterical. Anymore on her singing?

  16. glucosefructosesucro says:

    mariska’s style in the second part of the video is in now hahaa she rocksssss

  17. MariskaFan4Ever says:

    well ok

  18. FamilyGuy770 says:

    Well, that was her MOTHER!!!!

  19. MiladyToxic says:

    i looove her XD

  20. vAIERIEHARPER121 says:

    is mariska really singing? if so damn she good :)

  21. michael65 says:

    That obviously improvised catfight, complete with a climax straight out of Dynasty, was really badly done. And I love FC…

  22. xBananaSurferx says:

    now whenever i hear that song all ican think of is this and i laff to myself. haah

  23. EnchantedSilence says:

    Reaally? That’s the version I have.

  24. RLW1967 says:

    Nope. That was the original version by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas.

  25. EnchantedSilence says:

    Is she listening to that version or the Linda Ronstadt version?

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