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Make Room for Daddy funny scene

Cute, funny scene between Rusty Hamer and Angela Cartwright.
Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. hawaiidream1 says:

    @ishredu Little Rudy Huxtable used to laugh at her jokes, too. That’s what this clip kind of reminded me of, tne naturalness of The Cosby Show. :)

  2. etrax2000 says:

    @AmericanPowerBase i’m glad you figured out that The Rap game is just the world’s biggest DRAG show for black queens on the downlow.thank goodness someone else gets it !

  3. trulybelievenn2011 says:

    what year was this?

  4. charlesthepoet2004 says:

    charles h. miranda OR:

  5. Sheri451 says:

    @AmericanPowerBase I know what you mean. It’s so very disturbing.

  6. AmericanPowerBase says:

    @Sheri451 Well how’s about today when every thug on the street is showing her…errrh, I mean HIS underwear. Thug Gangsters are just wee little girls on the inside I reckon. All that HOPE AND CHANGE has made the sweetest little poofs of them. They can’t wait to get wrestled to the ground by the Po-Leese, cuffed and haulded off to prison where they make new friends and dance partners. Silly Wabbits!

  7. AmericanPowerBase says:

    @enigma800 I dunno, aliens maybe? Or she could be watching her stage manager who’s job it is to que her should she forget what to do, where to stand, or what to say. Deerrrrrrrrrrp!

  8. AmericanPowerBase says:

    Hey thanks for posting this. Yes, it brings back the memories of a time when TV and society wre both a tad bit more enjoyable and famil-friendly.

  9. enigma800 says:

    Angela is so adorable! I wonder what she’s looking at when she occasionally looks up from talking to Rusty. She appears to be watching something or someone that’s outside of the shot.

  10. TheBabyboomkidof53 says:

    little angela cartwright was such a little darling. and rusty had the funniest lines of every show. yes little girls did dress this way back then. the only girls I ever seen in pants in the 50s and early 60s was teenage girls in pedal pushers. they did’nt ware pants really until about 1969 as the miniskirt faded and bluejeans became popular for girls. mostly bellbottoms.

  11. Sheri451 says:

    @enigma800 Too bad they can’t dress that nicely now. The gloves and the shoes and the puffy dresses and petticoats. I never did like to see a little girl in a short dress that showed her underpants.

  12. enigma800 says:

    @Sheri451 They sure did!

  13. imadamsmom says:

    yes we really did wear pattened leather shoes at home. we even wore them when we went to the park and playground. today they wear sneakers with jeans at the office ceo meetings.

  14. DXFan1269 says:

    Rusty Hamer

  15. Sheri451 says:

    Angela Cartwright was so cute! I wanted my niece to have her hair in that cute pony tail Linda has. But that was way too old fashioned for 1991. Did little girls really dress that cute in the 50s?

  16. kirkba says:

    One of the reasons that MRFD was mentioned on Golden Girls is because Golden Girls producer Tony Thomas was Danny Thomas’ son.

  17. ivetenum1fan says:

    Me too, when she says to Dorothy ”…And all of us can watch together ”Make rom for Daddy” … I’ve always consider that older shows are far the best in comedy ^_^

  18. GearRocks says:

    I herd Sophia mention this show in an episodes of the Golden Girls, so I thought Id come check it out

  19. pheonixltt says:

    wow this has to be the most sexest clip i hav ever seen…it funny

  20. 40sSonggirl says:

    Great scene between two very talented young actors. They both had great natural timing!

  21. unclebobunclebob says:

    Seinfeld smirked at HIS own jokes

  22. jazzlady40 says:

    Rusty Hamer did have a tragic ednding boy what a funny guy he was R.I.P Rusty.

  23. FrankiesMom says:

    When Rusty died, Danny Thomas said, I can’t remember the exact quote, that Rusty was one of the best comedians he’d ever worked with.

  24. jomk75 says:


  25. kirkba says:

    last episode from Season 5
    “Rusty, The Man”

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