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Make Room for Daddy blooper

Dogs gone wild. The initial portion is what produced it into the episode. The second component was shown on a 50th anniversary show ABC did a couple of years ago, which is weird due to the fact Make Room for Daddy was a CBS show when the dog episode aired.

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  1. teenonator says:

    Nice to see Sid Melton. Looks like the set from “Dick Van Dyke”
    “Uncle Tonoose” was my first intro to the wonderful Hans Conreid. I heard him interviewed on the radio just before his death, & was able to call in & tell him how much I loved his work. As was written in the sci-fi novel “Footfall”, “She turned me on to ‘The 5000 Fingers Of Dr T’ and I never thanked her”

  2. pearlab23 says:

    u should have voted for john jay hooker

  3. mavivirgie says:


  4. IanHunedoara8 says:

    I couldn’t get enough of Uncle Tanous! any downloads?

  5. julieandrews9 says:

    poor angela! lol

  6. cap3042 says:

    This is when comedy was actually funny and not strong R rated so you can’t let your children watch the show.

  7. tripjet999 says:

    The dogs were trying to get away from DT’s putrid and poisonous cigar smoke!

  8. RoyFive says:

    Somebody tell Dick Clark to shut his yap!

  9. pupandy says:

    I love watching all of Danny Thomas videos. I was the president of his fan club, The Danny Girls, when Danny was on the radio. What great memories. Loved that man!

  10. fromthesidelines says:

    The series was retitled “THE DANNY THOMAS SHOW” in the fall of 1956 on ABC, which moved to CBS in September 1957; in daytime (and future syndicated) repeats, the “MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY” title was used on the initial 1957-’60 CBS episodes because the prime-time series was on CBS, and the repeats on NBC’s daytime schedule from 1960 through ’65. This “blooper” is obviously from the episode “A Dog’s Life” {December 21, 1959}. Angela appeared as “Linda” during the CBS episodes {1957-’64}.

  11. mdk2117 says:

    you are correct

  12. LordStinkfoot says:

    Angela Cartwright, wow…. from the Sound of Music, and from Lost in Space, right?

  13. deni0mar7 says:

    Angela cartwright was so little ;)

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