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Magnum vs Simon & Simon

Simon & Simon had a crossover with Magnum, PI, on the Magnum double episode “Ki’s Do not Lie” and in the Simon & Simon episode “Emeralds Are Not a Girl’s Very best Friend” (each in 1982). In ‘Ki’is Don’t Lie’ Magnums professional services are donated to Catherine (Morgan Fairchild), an appealing socialite. Magnum is supposed to safeguard a valuable art collection that is due to be auctioned off. Meanwhile two detectives from the mainland, brothers AJ (Jameson Parker) and Rick Simon (Gerald McRaney) have been hired by the previous owner of a certain Hawaiian artifact. The second portion of this story was presented in the second season opener for Simon & Simon in an episode named Emeralds Are Not a Girl’s Ideal Friend. In this scene The Simons are about to steal the Ki’i statue from Higgins… Subtitles are Dutch.
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9 Responses to “Magnum vs Simon & Simon”

  1. MrCarnut123 says:

    Wax that!!-AJ Simon

  2. dedebones1967 says:

    i would like to get to know Big Jimbo maybe Big Jimbo is Aj

  3. adheckle says:

    I was dissapointed Tom Selluck was barely in the Simon and Simon episode.

  4. vargyna says:

    @livvy980 ‘Magnum, P.I.’ Season 3 Episode 3 – which continues in ‘Simon & Simon’ Season 2 Episode 1.

  5. MegaHotGirl6 says:


  6. livvy980 says:

    iv seen this one its in the seventh series init?

  7. digicomx says:

    I’ve seen this one, Magnum Catches up to them sooner or later…

  8. Lenore1963 says:

    I loved this scence

  9. megamanj2007 says:

    LOL at Higgins screaming: “OH MY…GODDD!!!”

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