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Magnum PI Theme Opening

Fantastic 80′s Tv SERIES!!! Written by the remarkable Donald P. Bellisario, this series basically relates the life of Thomas Sullivan Magnum (Tom Selleck), a retired US NAVY official that have been in the Vietnam war. Now he lives in Hawaii working to solve mysteries and support individuals as a Private Investigator (“PI”). The series also shows TC (Roger E. Mosley) and Rick (Larry Manetti) – both are Magnum buddies that met him in the Navy. Jonathan Quayle Higgins is a british home keeper that works for Robin Masters, a famous book writer that allowed Magnum to live in his mansion right after a effective job he made for him. There’re also Zeus and Apollo, two doberman dogs that together with Higgins will make a nice team to bother Magnum in several episodes. Magnum PI Tom Selleck 80′s Television Series Action Policial Donald Bellisario Hawaii Ferrari MD-500 Vietnam War

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25 Responses to “Magnum PI Theme Opening”

  1. WOWJBEOWULF says:

    I watched a lot of Magnum PI. There seems to be a hysterical shrill on this 21st century new generation about wanting to be adult; they got it, they turned 18-years-old and graduated high school, there is no more adult until you turn age 21-years and go get your beer and whiskey. It was always there on television, the soap operas now have 54-years of broadcast of endless sin, shame, and drama; the only thing not done is open porn, where that changes the content of the story.

  2. FERNmann1 says:

    I dont know what cooler is: the ferrari308 or the heli ??!?!

  3. MariusHardy00721 says:

    The Ferrari ist cool Magnum ist und war ne coole sendung

  4. makeitchemical says:

    they don’ t make em like that anymore. by that, i mean men, cars, and theme songs.

  5. mrhand18 says:

    the guy never payed for shit.he still owes T.C. 20000$ in chopper fuel.

  6. theChain120 says:

    I raised my eyebrows twice at the end of the song :D

  7. ScottyShowman says:


  8. anikid0392 says:

    xD American Dad played this!

  9. fishnut89 says:

    TV today sucks compared to the 80′s!

  10. izJUSTforFUN says:

    first tought was lol :D

  11. Afterlife321kills says:

    Also staring Tourette’s Guy :D

  12. Admin591 says:

    best intro <3

  13. ICryOverSpiltMilk says:

    get the fuck out of my life bitch!

  14. BadEggCymru says:

    ‎’I'd like to see you try to walk a mile in MY shit!’

  15. Kenny3821 says:

    0:15-0:20 I drive like that lol

  16. aculturemind says:

    The middle section guitar part was my favorite version.

  17. pauzulia says:

    @copperhead88 Indeed. Magnum, knightrider, married with children med flera. Bra saker. Orkar inte äta, så ska nog sova en stund. Njut av maten din och ha en god natt.

  18. copperhead88 says:

    @pauzulia om man är vaken vid kl 3 på kvällen så får man se bra serier som married with children och magnum inte illa hörru men nee fan nu blire att äta polarbröd med rökt skinka och en kopp nypon te ha det fan gött =)

  19. Airbornerock says:

    @mthivier they do. 126 plays it every day at I think 6 o clock .BOOM BOOM BOOM

  20. supercreamysperm says:

    Doesn’t John Hillerman’s short stature and English accent remind you of Ducky from NCIS ?

  21. xxczerxx says:


  22. imagoosbumpsfan says:

    funny fact when i was 2 i head bang to this

  23. CoolioDX says:

    Thumbs up if you came here because of the Tourettes Guy!

  24. Primetome says:

    @generatorx Awesome! were do you get them!

  25. herrputzich says:

    “Ich weiß, was Sie jetzt denken und Sie haben recht!” :-)

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