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Magnum PI – Opening

GREAT 80′s TV SERIES!!! Written by the remarkable Donald P. Bellisario, this series basically relates the life of Thomas Sullivan Magnum (Tom Selleck), a retired US NAVY official veteran from the Vietnam war. Now he lives in Hawaii working to solve mysteries and help people as a Private Investigator (“PI”). The series also shows TC (Roger E. Mosley) and Rick (Larry Manetti) – both Magnum’s friends that met him during their duties in the Navy. Jonathan Quayle Higgins (John Hillerman) is a british majordomo that works for Robin Masters – famous (and incognito on tv) writer that allowed Magnum to live in his mansion and take care of its security after a successful job. There’re also Zeus and Apollo: two dobermans (“the lads”) that, together with Higgins, will make a nice team to bother Magnum (and bring a lot of fun) in many episodes.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Magnum PI – Opening”

  1. jrmetmoi says:

    The Fall Guy theme song was good too. Very Johnny Cash!

  2. jrmetmoi says:

    @rathersmoothe Moustache is fine, but body hair and chest hair…nnnnnno. By the way body hair on a man DID make a comeback recently…in the Twilight trilogy. Taylor Lautner?

  3. jrmetmoi says:

    Tom looked good in Magnum PI and he looked good on Friends goin out with Monica.

  4. jrmetmoi says:

    Great music, always did like it!

  5. ACinDorset says:

    @tech9803 Its great, but my favourite is the white Ferrari Testarossa in the Miami Vice intro…. just love it!!

  6. tech9803 says:

    That Ferrari peeling out on the grass is one of the great show-intro clips of all time.

  7. Fenner1976 says:

    @astaroth333777 Very true. For some reason, producers are totally obsessed with these so-called reality shows, which I personally hate with a vengeance. Nothing original or entertaining about them whatsoever…just churning out a repetitive boring yawn-inducing formula time after time. TV from the 80′s was in a class of its own. To be honest, as far as new music and new TV shows, we are living in very sad times indeed.

  8. hamedma says:

    They just dont make them like this anymore!!

  9. astaroth333777 says:

    @Fenner1976 exacly !!when tv was good and the days were goods unlike todays bulsshit

  10. samsticka says:

    @Testement117 By anybody. Not just those weirdos you described.

  11. Testement117 says:

    By who? Lipstick wearing homosexuals who enjoy pop music designed for 13 year old girls?

  12. davemurray16 says:

    wow that’s some crazy shredding :D

  13. XuliusCaesar says:

    I would get cable again if shows like this were still lbeing made. Got rid of it because I got tired of “reality TV” bullshit on every channel. Thank you internet for giving me refuge against the swarms of cheesy reality tv shows that for some reason are all over the place.

  14. zo6gtr says:

    john hillerman did a wonderful job as Higgans! One of my fav 80′s show!

  15. SKOTP69 says:

    Great intro, theme, and character!

  16. Fenner1976 says:

    Back in the days when TV was good. Magnum PI…Matthew Quigley in a Ferrari ;)

  17. samsticka says:

    Mustaches are great. They’re a proud and honored tradition worn by man throughout all of history. I hate how they’re being slandered as gay today.

  18. mrmarmalademan says:

    oh damn. i had completely forgot to realize my childhood dream of actually being a private investigator living in a beachfront mansion in hawaii, driving a Ferrari around whilst getting in adventures with beautiful women.

  19. unvun says:

    @Fenn3 How is it epic? Is was great,cool, inspiring. But how epic?

  20. Trenttf1 says:

    Tom Selleck is the ultimate macho man, from the late 70s early 80s.

  21. Fenn3 says:

    THAT FERRARI BURNOUT IS EPIC! :D First he flashes TEH moustache, and then pulls the baby sideways. Love it ! :D

  22. stevefromPA2 says:

    teaching hot babes to snorkel, riding around in a red Ferrari in Hawaii and always getting away from zeuss and apollo…what more does a guy need..?

  23. Voydr says:

    Was a kid then, and still feel like a kid in front of that moustache :) Magnum’s the Man!

  24. JonnyCmgee says:

    I wish i could grow a meaty man tash

  25. KillerWhaleResearch says:

    Cool show and theme song..

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