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Magnum PI – Opening

Great 80′s Tv SERIES!!! Written by the remarkable Donald P. Bellisario, this series fundamentally relates the life of Thomas Sullivan Magnum (Tom Selleck), a retired US NAVY official veteran from the Vietnam war. Now he lives in Hawaii working to solve mysteries and help individuals as a Private Investigator (“PI”). The series also shows TC (Roger E. Mosley) and Rick (Larry Manetti) – both Magnum’s pals that met him during their duties in the Navy. Jonathan Quayle Higgins (John Hillerman) is a british majordomo that works for Robin Masters – well-known (and incognito on tv) writer that allowed Magnum to live in his mansion and take care of its security right after a productive job. There’re also Zeus and Apollo: two dobermans (“the lads”) that, together with Higgins, will make a nice team to bother Magnum (and bring a lot of fun) in numerous episodes.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Magnum PI – Opening”

  1. thisisrumorcontrol says:

    @inailboards i believe you deserve a thumbs up sir.

  2. thisisrumorcontrol says:

    @trappedinmydream nope, all the great shows are gone.

    Nostalgia, it can be a blessing but it can be a bitch as the same time.

  3. flashmate99 says:

    magnum is epic. from uzbekistan.

  4. flashmate99 says:

    @trappedinmydream your english is brilliant.

  5. trappedinmydream says:

    You don’t see shows like this no more…

  6. Spynmaster says:

    Nice, but it really doesn’t need to be accel’d.

  7. BlockChiken says:

    Lol Tourettes Guy: I’d like to see you try to walk a mile, IN MY SHIT!!!

  8. debbipettry33 says:

    he was a REAL Mans man…omgggg

  9. americanjedi77 says:

    Chuck Norris wishes he had a soundtrack like this.

  10. Rubycon99 says:

    Great show, one of the few most people agree never jumped the shark.

  11. zer0nable says:

    lol .. i’ve seen it 1985 in East Germany

  12. petar4onachev says:

    We just got this in Bulgaria.
    Yea 40 years after USA.

  13. NobleTex217 says:

    I use this for the ringtone for my cellphone.

  14. pre76dator says:

    has family guy made a satire of this? cause idont recall them doing one of this

  15. VannSlayer says:

    59 people can’t grow an awesome mustache.

  16. apimms says:

    My dad looks so much like Tom Selleck.

    Unfortunately….I don’t :

  17. ScarletSnake says:

    And he uses 1911s as well…

  18. falcoperegrinus82 says:

    International symbol for Tom Selleck: outsretched index finger held against upper lip.

  19. 1990osu says:

    The moustache is cool. I don’t see any moustaches anymore…I guess it’s not in style right now.

  20. roastedcoconut3 says:

    now this is… Awesome
    A great theme with one of the best P.I. shows is definitely a great combination.

  21. PECHOUDEFOU says:

    I love Ferrari’s Magnum
    ! I love this Ferrari !

  22. Dactuck says:

    @dfeas10 So you’ re Jamaican.

  23. dfeas10 says:

    Disagree. in my country, I watched that in 90′s, and still it was damn cool
    The’ve mentioned “P.I. Magnum” in one of the “Psych” episodes in season 4

  24. ItsTomSelleckBitch says:


  25. ZZDC2112 says:

    And he is just as cool in Blue Bloods

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