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Madonna on David Letterman

This is the infamous 1994 interview. It degrades in civility as Madonna becomes more and a lot more challenging with Dave.
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25 Responses to “Madonna on David Letterman”

  1. lolacicconefan says:

    believe me that’s where they go….. hahha LMAO
    i love uu QUEEN

  2. Aydee2020 says:

    @NocturneSoul Umm what does this got to do with society?

  3. NocturneSoul says:

    @Aydee2020 LoL, that was so childish. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about how Madonna put in evidence the society’s hypocrisy and specially David’s hypocrisy. It was epic.

  4. JLishere says:

    this is the kind of television that would make ratings explode… it’s awkyard, painful and entertaining to watch

  5. theonetruth90 says:

    Madonna is a badass and i’m in love with her, letterman is a weasel with no sense of humor and groupie suck ups for his audience. I bet he pays them to cheer for him on his show lol

  6. ppptpot says:

    15:54 is why this woman intrigues me! Bluffing and digging. This woman set the bar and I refuse to listen to all the comparisons people make. She’s Madonna, there is no other and never will be!

  7. Aydee2020 says:

    @NocturneSoul No.The one who got owned is the toad.Dave got her ass speechless by saying her hair looked like a swimming cap.And obviously the crowd was on to the hoe.

  8. Aydee2020 says:

    If you put Madonna next to a frog,you can tell the difference.One is a cold blooded animal,who breathed through the skin,croaks awfully and lives through the Jurassic Period.The other one is a frog.

  9. MrSkintan says:

    top that gaga

  10. alexxxandder says:

    is that a rug?

    is that a swim cap? BOOM!

  11. MrDetwaa says:

    @UklaTheMokk letterman is still fuckin funny. Cracks me up everytime. Have you seen his skid with Paris just out of jail?

  12. CSIMfreak says:

    omg she’s hilarious a swim cap!!!!!!!!!!

  13. CSIMfreak says:

    omg she’s hilarious

  14. verizon20051 says:

    These two would’ve made a perfect married couple, i know it sounds crazy, but its like watching a married couple.

  15. verizon20051 says:

    Madonna used to be so hot back then.

  16. bjhMus1C says:

    @thomtropez she was saying stupid shit.. but he had to maintain control over the show

  17. thomtropez says:

    @bjhMus1C dave interrupted her because he has a job to keep, not because she was saying anything stupid

  18. belencita148 says:


  19. tiffleseightysix says:

    she’s high on coke. a lot of his guests do it before they come out

  20. bjhMus1C says:

    @NocturneSoul he looked like a fool an a hypocrite? how so..? i don’t blame you for admiring madonna, but you’re comment is obviously biased; seeing as none of your statements are supported by actual evidence. but whatever, you can obviously think what you want.. im not tryna start shit, im just sayyin.

  21. NocturneSoul says:

    @bjhMus1C Well, I disagree with you. I think Madonna was being very smart and true, and David looked like a fool and hypocrite. I think she totally owned him.

  22. bjhMus1C says:

    @NocturneSoul lol, how is that genius..? he was making a fucking joke at the beginning.. and i understand if she might’ve taken it the wrong way, but trying to say that “you don’t talk about my sex life while im on your show and you do when im not” isn’t genius. the only reason dave cut her off a couple of times was because she kept babbling on about random irrelevant shit to boost her rebellious morale. let’s be realistic now, Dave fucking owned madonna.. Even though Madonna is awesome

  23. NocturneSoul says:

    @bjhMus1C Why? She was awesome. She was speaking her mind and being honest proving that David used her in every show. She said “you talk about my sex life in all your shows, now you don’t wanna talk about my sex life when I’m on your show”. That’s fucking genius. He didn’t let her finish any of her sentences because he didn’t have the balls to hear the truth. But she was awesome. I think she was saying “you treat me like a bitch, I’ll be a bitch and lets see if you can handle it”. He couldn’t.

  24. nextinline777 says:

    @mimifilm Only because it was the truth.

  25. bjhMus1C says:

    @NocturneSoul lol, what universe are you from?

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