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madonna arsenio hall

hilarious clip of madonna on the arsenio hall show. a ought to have!

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25 Responses to “madonna arsenio hall”

  1. 1970kickass says:

    lady ga ga sucks

  2. darrenmuse says:

    I wonder what Arsenio Hall is doing these days. He’s probably at a wine and cheese party. “THIS IS SOME GOOD ASS CHEESE! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THE CHEESE WAS SOO GOOD?!?!?”

  3. juanbmxstreet says:

    look at those pads! hahah

  4. sookster54 says:

    Compared to Lady Gaga, she didn’t need to be weird and freaky to get popular, she did it through her songs and controversy.

    Madonna wasn’t stupid, she was a genius.

  5. The3rdHiltonSister says:

    She was 31 years old in this clip and she looks prettier and younger than Lady Gaga now who is 25 years old.

  6. ScorpiousMagnus says:

    This is a classic. Madonna at the peak of her powers. And Arsenio doin’ brilliantly. This was during her Blonde Ambition tour, which STILL makes any tour in this day and age look really tame lol!!! Much love 4 this. Thanks!!!

  7. trkk01 says:

    @VideoScenario madonna stupid? you never knew madonna as a business woman she was the best in marketing herself in the 20th century what do u think that gaga and others others had bite off her techniques.

  8. andyy7876 says:

    she was ugly then and shes still ugly now

  9. wakaweli1991 says:

    @freakineye madona illuminati bitch!

  10. bilos1993 says:

    She looks like my great grandmother…

  11. NatsukaAi says:

    This show should still be on :/

  12. HellsHighwayTrooper says:

    @D33veeoss she looks like a ghost. and yh i know u wrote that 9 months ago ;P

  13. skiluinamso says:

    @VideoScenario I’m not done yet…By the way, I’ve seen both of them on tour Gaga is Caca; LaGa was boring as shit!! Madonna’s shows are some of the best ever seen….that’s why her last tour is #4 on the list of highest grossing tours. Madonna stupid compared to LaGa?? I don’t think so, just look at the facts. Madonna is a success, she paved the way for LaGa. Gaga is bankrupt and a Madonna wanna-be…so who’s stupid?

  14. skiluinamso says:

    @VideoScenario OMG, you are so full of shit! Madonna has written plenty of her own songs, including: Lucky Star, Burning Up, Shoo be Doo, Stay, Everybody, Angel, Into The Groove, Causing A Commotion, Promise To try, Nothing Really Matters and Get Together….Madonna’s career has lasted almost 30years and is still going strong; M’s tours break sales records….I can go on and on. Gaga has a few #1′s, goes on tour and now the bitch is bankrupt.

  15. aeropostalebunny1 says:

    Sheila E. Is Beautiful ! I’ve Always Loved The Way She Talked !

  16. Savinaismybaby26 says:

    @Savinaismybaby26 I know about the adoption and Lionel and his wife. She is nicole’s biological aunt thanks for the info.

  17. kennyfame says:

    @Savinaismybaby26 Nicole Richie was adopted by Lionel Richie and his first wife Brenda. Her real father was a musician in Lionel richies band and he was Sheila E’s brother. If you look At Sheila E’s “Love Bizarre” video he’s the funny looking one on stage performing on stage with her he has glasses on and very funny looking. He gave her to Lionel Richie because ghe couldnt afford to keep her. I dont think Brenda Richie could bare kids.

  18. Savinaismybaby26 says:

    @kennyfame What association with Nicole Richie does she have?

  19. Savinaismybaby26 says:

    @dioioego I agree!

  20. Savinaismybaby26 says:

    @freakineye Agreed!

  21. VideoScenario says:

    @freakineye No way man, Madonna was a whore, while Gaga just capitalizes on the expendable income of gay people, because they don’t pay alimony or have to raise kids. Gaga is just a fun performer, and writes her own shit – Madonna NEVER WROTE ANYTHING – her name is on the sleeve, as a “co-wrote” but that’s just a lie, she changes a note, that someone with talent wrote, then her name can say “co-writer” but I admitt I used to like this whore. She’s stupid though, compared to Lady Gaga.

  22. AnnaNickiBarb says:

    Madonna BAD .

  23. kennyfame says:

    @faegrrrl read a book????? What book I’ve read every Madonna book which are you referring too? There you go making unfounded claims again w/nothing to support your claims. Funny thing is I’m an English Major in college and writer so I read all the time. That’s why I dont make claims witrhout facts; which you’re dong. Madonna is very wise she makes her workers sign confidentiality agreements &if you read you would no that. Any singer to make that claim would be libel. So you read a book sweety

  24. faegrrrl says:

    @kennyfame Read a book little boy.

  25. kennyfame says:

    @faegrrrl What backup singers if you gonna make a bold ass claim @ least name names, because I have never heard one of her backup singers make that claim. Madonna herself never claimed to be a great vocalist, and nowadays who is? You sound like a bitter hater, thats mad cause you broke. Get a life bitch maybe that will drain some of that hate out of your blood.

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