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Mad TV: Davey and Goliath II – Pet Cemetery

“What do you mean?” The sequel spoof of the 70′s religious program, done claymation style.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Mad TV: Davey and Goliath II – Pet Cemetery”

  1. nwojunkie says:

    @Corntown ironically Frec Gwynne, the guy who plays Jud Crandall played Herman Munster.

  2. Scrap5000 says:

    @pvtjhon YES, and there sure are a hell of a lot of morons in this world….

  3. elbethere says:

    @zaksillyman That’s because that character and this are the same. Judd crandel from pet cemetery.

  4. zaksillyman says:

    That old guy reminds me of that guy in South Park who’s always like “You don’t wanna go down that road”

  5. Corntown says:

    Gonna watch me some Munsters.

  6. ddexpress says:

    I remember seeing this back when I was little. I found it horrifying and hillarious at the same time. Good memories.

  7. AsianMen4Me says:

    Funny and awful at the same time.

  8. CCRockit says:

    I’m Christian and personally i found it hilarious

  9. seanfenrir says:

    “I gatah kill you Goliath” XD

  10. badhbhchatha says:

    the OG of Moral Orel =]

  11. culin8 says:

    i lol’d so hard when garfield returned to life

  12. Valien4life says:

    Darned Riverdancers! lol

  13. Armalizilto says:

    This was so funny!

  14. pedroelcarvron says:


  15. racinesoulmate1 says:

    EWWWWWWW EEEK!!!!!!!!! Creepy dog lol that movie Pet Sematary STILL scares the shit out of me!

  16. OgnarPliskin says:

    Garfield, Road Runner, Yogi Bear, and Donald Duck!?!?

  17. sillygrl23 says:


    Yeah, not only that, but its suppose to be a skit show aimed at adults, not children, espicially adults who would find humor in this that grew up watching Davey and Goliath and reading Stephan King (maybe not hand-in-hand) but would laugh at the fact that MadTV would take two seperate pieces that wouldn’t go together, and put them together.

    Sadly some people don’t understand that

  18. Eron2828 says:

    Consider it an advertisement for MADTV. The seasons are available on DVD from online retailers.
    You can bring it to their attention if you like. I will gladly comply with copyright claims from legitimate property owners.

  19. gamewizard says:


    Speaking of abuses of the law, you know posting this material her is a violation of the law, right? MadTV owns this skit, not you.

  20. fezzappa says:

    @elheadkickio …yes, go get your facts from the religious channel lol

  21. Pinhead222 says:

    It was better when Southpark spoofed it. Much better.

  22. NintendoSegaSonyGuy says:

    Thank you so much! :)

  23. Eron2828 says:

    @NintendoSegaSonyGuy Ok. I tracked it down and uploaded it myself. Sorry to stalk you… :P

  24. Eron2828 says:

    @NintendoSegaSonyGuy I’m looking for it. There seems to be a copyright claim made on it by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

    I don’t think they own the copyright… so I hope they are punished for that abuse of the law.

  25. weirdguy75 says:

    I can’t not laugh at this

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