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Mad Tv Bob Newhart Skit – Mo Collins – Stop it

This is a fan preferred classic Mad Tv skit with bob newhart. it seems to me that there is some truth to it… I claim no rights to MadTV or the material presented in it and no Copyright infringement is intended.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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26 Responses to “Mad Tv Bob Newhart Skit – Mo Collins – Stop it”

  1. neptuniumforest says:

    Just goes to show there are somereallllly good therapists and some reallyyy bad ones too.. they r deff not all the same

  2. wt6661 says:

    Just Stop It.

  3. xso61673 says:

    sarah michelle gellar has the exact same fear of being buried alive!

  4. ScreeminMeeme says:

    Hysterical! Classic Bob Newhart..and Mo Collins as always is terrific! Thx for showing it.

  5. princeofdarknessxyz1 says:

    @sitonthecouch why did they show it to u?

  6. Boomer1949 says:

    Best Therapist session I’ve ever seen.

  7. mzmadmike says:

    @JohnSelma I met a guy who said people just “just stop” smoking or whatever drug they were doing. As someone who managed to quit smoking, I suggested it wasn’t quite that easy. “Sure it is,” he said, “just make a decision to stop doing it.”

    Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?

  8. BigPiePublishing says:

    Thumbs down to the TV executives that told MadTV to “Stop it.” Such a great show.

  9. tew38 says:

    stop it or i’ll bury you alive in a box lmao

  10. chocolatesrgood4you says:

    I will put these two words up on my mirror and next to my phone

  11. JohnSelma says:

    @abst14 The people who can just “STOP IT!” are the ones who never need to go to a therapist.

  12. JohnSelma says:

    @Zalfazar If she asked “how?”, this therapist would have looked like a dipstick.
    No, if she said that he would have replied “No, we don’t go there, just STOP IT”.

  13. damartin1503 says:

    @sitonthecouch me too. haha

  14. choyboy66 says:

    This is all the THERAPY that Anthony Wiener Needs

  15. Riuk881 says:

    MadTv was hilarious but, then they got rid of all the funny people and the sketches started sucking. Very sad

  16. hazza335 says:

    My mum and I have spent the last hour looking for this clip, we had forgotten Bob Newharts name and thought he said shut up! It was so worth the effort

  17. sauceykat says:

    My best friend went to a therapist for depression the day after we saw this sketch. I kid you not, the therapist told her to “stop it” and she started crying with laughter. She couldn’t stop laughing and crying, she had to leave the office and she never went back. Hey, I guess she was cured LOLOL

  18. misguidedmortal says:

    This is good advice. Let’s all just stop it!

  19. omgshift111 says:

    @sitonthecouch Oh my gosh me too! Lol maybe it’s the initiation.

  20. psychedelnick1 says:

    Is that poppa Elf from ELF?

  21. AlanCanon2222 says:

    @CH3MIS7RY You should find a clip of him cracking up Dean Martin playing a man trying to return a toupe.

  22. PAINTANK says:

    STOP IT! I mean your not some kind of kook are you?

  23. Lv100WereCactus says:

    the ending is perfect

  24. Zalfazar says:

    If she asked “how?”, this therapist would have looked like a dipstick.

  25. abst14 says:

    as a therapist there are so many times I’d love to give the same advice.

  26. Alexander7 says:

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