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Lucy & Ricky Ricardo for 1950′s Ford Convertible- Vintage

Commerical for the the 50′s Ford Convertible with Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. (Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz)
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9 Responses to “Lucy & Ricky Ricardo for 1950′s Ford Convertible- Vintage”

  1. 2010mustang2 says:

    Was this made in 1957? Anyway thats cool

  2. killercan10 says:

    43 seconds (give or take) for a mechanical automatic top in the 50′s? I would say quite revolutionary for its time.

  3. MegaNFLMAN says:

    Ford man for life. Great car!

  4. Outlaw1257 says:

    I know that Pontiac sponsored I. L.L. I didn’t know that Ford was also a sponsor.

  5. findpeaceofmind says:

    No doubt, this car it´s one of the nicest ford ever produced out of the assembling line. Why don´t they make them again? If they did, I would be the first one to purchase one of them over any other car on the market. Imagine a car like that, with newer gadgets of today´s technology? Lighter engines, perhaps an aluminum block to make the car lighter, swifter transmision, four wheel disc brake etc.

  6. jerzkid87 says:

    “so simple a woman can do it”! eek

  7. fromthesidelines says:

    Of course, Desi got one of these for appearing in this ad; Ford sponsored the first season of “LUCILLE BALL-DESI ARNAZ SHOW” specials [later rebroadcast as "THE LUCY-DESI COMEDY HOUR"] in the 1957-’58 season, and I believe this was one of the “integrated” spots they appeared in during one of those five specials…

  8. drcoxcentral says:

    Thank you for uploading this piece of Lucy history.

  9. geena6 says:

    If only we had shows like this still, just clean cut comedy. This was Great. THANKU SO MUCH-SWEET & SHORT.

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