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Lucy A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia

Lucy A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia

If you think you know everything about Lucille Ball, think again! Lucy A to Z is a unique encyclopedic tribute to the life and career of Lucy, the most beloved comedian of our time. This Fourth Edition of Lucy A to Z is filled with newly discovere

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4 Responses to “Lucy A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia”

  1. Eric Vitoulis says:

    Review by Eric Vitoulis for Lucy A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia
    I was a fairly big Lucy fan but hadn’t bought many books about her, mostly those about her show, I Love Lucy. But when I found this book, the idea of an encyclopedia intrigued me, and I figured there’d be lots of stuff about I Love Lucy, in any case. There sure is, and there’s a lot more, on every aspect of Lucy’s career, arranged alphabetically. The pictures are great and everything is super easy to find. The writing is both breezy and insightful; the author’s obviously a big fan, but he knows his stuff. A lot of research must have gone into this. As someone else on the page says, if you need any `splainin’ about anything in Lucy’s life or career, it’s here.

  2. Wanda L. Clark says:

    Review by Wanda L. Clark for Lucy A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia
    “Lucy A to Z” is well researched and fact filled. It is one of the few books about Lucille Ball that I can recommend without reservation and I have read most of them. It is an easy read and well worth the time invested in reading about Lucy’s career. Wanda Clark

  3. Tyse says:

    Review by Tyse for Lucy A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia
    Everything you could ever want to know about Lucy…in one place! I bought a copy of the second edition a few years ago and liked it very much, but I was disappointed that there were no pictures inside. Well, the author has taken care of that in this new fourth edition, and then some! There are lots of pictures, many of which I haven’t seen before. The cover photo alone is a real knockout! Not only that, but the book size is bigger and there are many more new entries. It looks like it has been totally redesigned. And if you ever needed to find out anything about Lucy, it’s an encyclopedia format, so just look alphabetically (there’s also a huge index). I love Lucy, and I love this book! Highly recommended.

  4. Tim Key says:

    Review by Tim Key for Lucy A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia
    I thought I knew just about everything there was about Lucy. This books goes over all of Lucy’s life and everybody she worked with and then some. It is enjoyable to just read it thru but an excellent resource to just look up things about her life. Want to get some information about Fred Mertz….you can find it easily. I even discovered that Lucy and Desi were not the first couple to have a baby on their tv show. To find out who , well you’ll just have to find the book and read it for yourself.

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