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Lucille Ball on Joan Rivers (Part 1)

To promote “Life with Lucy” in 1986.

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25 Responses to “Lucille Ball on Joan Rivers (Part 1)”

  1. thematrixhell says:

    joan and lucy shudda done a show together, the queens of comedy, truly! love the rawness of them both, no phony hollywood shit here

  2. thematrixhell says:

    omg i love these two!! wow

  3. lauradonny says:

    I tried out for Joan for a day and was suppose to be one of the top semi-finalists and meet vip. I got the tickets to see the show but never got to meet her back stage. I really wish I had the opportunity still it was at a hard time for us both I lost my grandpa then and she soon had lost Edgar. I am sorry for both of our losses were very difficult to lose such great men. I pray for you then and now that you would be comforted and bless you as he did with your grandbabe
    luv laura lee

  4. zeelove8 says:

    i love lucy!*)

  5. deeway1963 says:

    How awesome Joan must’ve felt, to have the great Lucy, laugh out loud at her jokes! I mean, really! Could their be no higher compliment as to have Lucille Ball, “laugh” at your jokes??? So great!

  6. deeway1963 says:

    Ahh! The One! The Only! The Greatest EVER!!! =)

  7. Bingo1059 says:

    I love, LOVE Lucy!!!! :D ! I cried when she died, she was the ONLY celebrity I cried for. Love you Lucy! Lots of love!

  8. Jeffieboi says:


    Ummmm….maybe because the tape is from fucking 1986.

  9. haroof says:

    Lucille was a legend. No other female has even come close to touching her comedic talent.

  10. dsim200000 says:

    @JayMusicAndBlog im 14 and i’ve been watching i love lucy since i was 9! I adore lucy she is wonderful!

  11. MildredSnickwad says:

    is joan rivers a vampire she seems to live forever

  12. JayMusicAndBlog says:

    Do you realize that Im 15 and I love lucille Ball she is my favorite actress ever.

  13. sownzgr8 says:

    Are those real?
    Joan: “No matter where you point on me, the answer is no.” LOL!

  14. sownzgr8 says:

    Could never figured out all the Lucy clout. Joan Rivers is much more entertaining and certainly more wittier IMHO.

  15. Kherubyn1 says:

    It was a great pleasure to reveal her again. I LOVE LUCY!!!

  16. jeffdon4 says:

    I dont see why she would get upset over the fact that she didnt dress up. She is BEAUTIFUL in that outfit.

  17. CheapSushi says:

    She was a pretty dirty person in real life.

  18. NFitalianGuy says:

    Joan showed respect & class towards her guests expecially Legends like Lucy. Joan is a real lady I read one ofher auto biographies and it was a funny and touching book. Joan Rivers interview with Bette Davis is another great example. I wish they’dgive her another chance at late night. She should’ve been the one to replace Conan O’Brien instead of bringing back Leno. The Tonight Show isnt the same without Carson but Joan could bring the tonight show it back to life again.

  19. couturebabex33 says:

    omg she would be even better than betty white if she was around today. she would be 100 !

  20. Beejjjjjj says:

    @keithholman2 , this may have been her last interview, but she did continue to make appearances on TV. Off hand, I can think of a couple Bob Hopes specials she did, and appearances on the game show, Super Password.

  21. CarolJiani says:

    LMAO look at the giddy queens in the front row!!! The one in the striped sweater is so starstruck he can barely remember to applaud LOL

  22. disamjisa says:

    Long live the Queen of Comedy, Joan Rivers.

  23. jab5983 says:

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  24. jab5983 says:

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  25. jab5983 says:

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