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Lucille Ball in a Pop Music Video!

This is Lucy as you have probably in no way seen her ahead of! In what could be the prototype for the modern day music video, from 1966 this is about Lucy Carmichael (Lucille Ball) finding in with the neighborhood “mod” scene in London.
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25 Responses to “Lucille Ball in a Pop Music Video!”

  1. Markipooswife says:

    I’m a huge Lucy fan & I think this is awesome!!!

  2. cheeriosinabowl says:

    Holy cow, this is SO 1960′s ! LOL. Checkered miniskirts, etc.

    Of course, Lucy hams it up, all in fun. Cool.

  3. RamaboxNet says:

    watch this watch?v=yGdwAIbu-nY

  4. ShortNelleStack says:

    I cant believe I’m related to that woman

  5. elsangrecaliente says:

    LMAO! This is great. Lucy in a real 60s music video. Gotta save this. Too damned cool.
    Unexpected. But nice. Thanks for posting this. Had never seen this. Ownderful stuff.

  6. killjoytjp says:

    I love this vid everytime I watch it!

  7. SpazChat says:

    This is just too trippy. I’m speechlesss.

  8. zamusicza says:

    I love seeing shots of Lucy without that damn helmet hair.

  9. leadakis123 says:

    I remember now. I was a kid and watching this on TV when it first aired. I can’t believe it!

  10. leadakis123 says:

    I remember seeing this I believe. Wasn’t where she go a weekend in London!

  11. beyoncetyratina says:

    Is it me or did I just see Twiggy at 1:55? Lol this is funny.

  12. Louisannacball says:

    Yay, thats my cousin! well, my grandfathers cousin! GREAT!:) loveeeeee it

  13. ElderAngel3 says:

    this is my 3rd time watching it. it’s a fave in my folder…is anyone going to transfer this to dvd. i’d pay money 4 it…or in free xmas everyone!

  14. LordSolaris says:

    Sooo so Mod! I see a link between the Gaga thing and the Mod thing.

  15. dreza4 says:

    I adore her. One of the greats.

  16. RobNLynchburgVA says:

    this is spectacular.

  17. bjoh249 says:

    Hard to believe this is the same Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy a decade earlier.

  18. TexanInTn says:

    Boy, this is one that I’ve never seen before. This is a pretty neat video! The Lucy character is, always, fun! It seems like I’ve been watching repeats of her shows forever…

  19. vieetverite says:

    @vanessafabulay , me thinks TracyAndersonFoxhunt is the same person as that nutcase TracyTerry who posted identical crap before getting booted off Youtube awhile back. Same person, new handle. Obviously still as pathetic as before, desperately seeking attention. It must be sad to be such an attention-starved loser who will never amount to anything, and is so jealous of Lucy’s fame and success that they have to stoop to these desperate little rants.

  20. vanessafabulay says:

    @TracyAndersonFoxhunt Oh my–what a nasty littte girl you are!

  21. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    @vanessafabulay she was a fucking pig just like your mother

  22. vanessafabulay says:

    @TracyAndersonFoxhunt Well I guess I said it a little less foolishly than you did. You should do a little more research–she was a model, actress and comedian. And loved by a whole lot more people than you ever will be. Sorry.

  23. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    @vanessafabulay shitfuck, you just said what i… REALLY!!!!!

  24. vanessafabulay says:

    @TracyAndersonFoxhunt Really? then why is it that 50 years after her show ended, her name is still recognizeable all over the world? She was a clown–that’s what she was good at, and its what she wanted to be known for.

  25. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    she was horrible… NEVER a talent in anything except making stupid faces on I Love Lucy

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