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Lucille Ball forgets her glasses

Lucille Ball is “in trouble” as she presents an EMMY while forgetting her reading glasses

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25 Responses to “Lucille Ball forgets her glasses”

  1. LucilleBALLatYT1 says:

    that was definately fixed but hilarious…loved it and love Lucy too !!!

  2. deedeeinaz says:

    As a little girl I watched I luv lucy and as a woman in my mid 50s now I still enjoy her reruns. She was the best and will never be forgotten.

  3. Ruby20111000 says:

    What a difficult predicament to be in, how funny…

  4. Ferreal92 says:

    Luuuuucy. You gotta lotta esplanin to do.

  5. SuperLittleMarie says:

    @3v3aya1a You mean Desi? Ricky is just a character. :) 

  6. 3v3aya1a says:

    Ricky should’ve went up :)

  7. shitzweakxxx says:

    what a doll

  8. MrJbizzle234 says:

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  9. Cailindoll says:

    Ohh the good ol’ days (:

  10. elpanchoxxx says:

    Loved her she will be missed -3

  11. trinamarie480 says:

    How funny, everybody left the cards there, she swatted Milton Berle away when he said here use this and tried handing her a drinking glass to look through.  This was great thanks….

  12. reggie5519 says:

    Lucy was just very best of everything. LOL!!!!!

  13. VegasTrepid says:

    She’s blasted lol

  14. SuperKayProductions says:

    Love her. Best show ever

  15. FranklyMyDearTV says:

    She was the best, ever!

  16. Reichukey says:


  17. FuzzMonkeh says:


  18. nancyrdz says:

    Absolutely the BEST. Thanks for posting this!!!!

  19. StraKitty1 says:

    Great history moment nothing that’s what I call still got it even after death we love u still Lucy and I still watch ur shows miss u so very much u haven’t a clue. Thank u for this vid it made my night.

  20. musiccritique08 says:

    Now that is what I call a great history moment!!

  21. leannvlewis says:

    Those were the days

  22. animeangelica181 says:

    Awwwww~~ -3

  23. everenferno says:

    It was funny but those guys who came out made it look super serious lol.

  24. maloso39 says:

    Wow this is so cool… :)

  25. zazon5 says:

    She was such a gem. We love you Lucy.

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