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Lucille Ball Dies April 26, 1989 Network News

Network news cover of the death of Lucille Ball April 26, 1989

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12 Responses to “Lucille Ball Dies April 26, 1989 Network News”

  1. luckywilly23 says:

    being born only a few months after lucille ball passed away, my parents named me after her. i’ve always felt a special bond between her and i, it breaks my heart that i’ll never know her but watching her shows makes me feel a little closer to her. i love lucille ball, she was such a genuine, loving, and caring person and i feel deeply honored to be named lucy <3

  2. 1EvilScooterKitty says:

    Let it be known what a dear, gracious woman Lucy was. My father and grandfather were blessed to have known her back in the day.

    There will never be another…………………………….

  3. c00ki3bit3r says:

    Lucy sounded like Joan Rivers when her voice was deep

  4. ericdn62782 says:

    @richenuff01 Well, these days a celebrity just has to cough and the news is all over it. But in 1989, Lucille Ball received the star treatment she deserved – such dignified and loving obituaries.

  5. gsocubsfan says:

    im a big fan of i love lucy r.i.p

  6. richenuff01 says:

    I remember the day when I first heard this report. When Ms Ball died there was a interruption during regular programming…not every star’s health crisis or death has this kind of treatment.

    I’ll never forget how shocked I was when it was announced that she had passed away.

  7. cowboysimpson says:

    my boyfriend was born in 1989,,so maybe when this was aired his mom was about to give birth?LOL love lucy <3

  8. MrEricSevert says:

    It makes all those smoking ad’s done during “I Love Lucy” look pretty bad, she was way too young to be gone so young. Especially when you see what Betty White and Joan Rivers are doing these days.

  9. amberlovesapplepie09 says:

    I Love Lucy <3

  10. PaulB2Kool says:

    oh how i would have loved to meet you in person !

  11. jgknightboyz2000 says:

    @nepsadoc dont we all?

  12. nepsadoc says:

    I Love Lucy!!!!

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