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Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance

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21 Responses to “Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance”

  1. axltyler says:

    Which show is this from? Life with Lucy? Here’s Lucy?

  2. GangBoxer says:

    Ahhhhh, Just like watching an unseen, newer I Love Lucy!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dirkdebruyne says:

    every account I read about this special someone repeats the same things about Vivian vance having had a stroke and lucy being wooden in her acting because of her mother’s death….well, Vivian Vance is putting up a pretty good show if she’s at death’s door, I find her as appealing and funny as ever…and Lucy has her usual 10 pounds of pancake on her face and her 5 pack a day smoking voice but otherwise I see little difference from any late 60′s -early 70′s epsode of her shows…

  4. hillevifan says:

    @KaPowKaBlam Yes, Mary Wickes! She and Lucy were good friends and worked together many times!

  5. KaPowKaBlam says:

    i think aunt milly is the ‘rougher’ nun in sister act

  6. craiges2002 says:

    ‘You’re big enough for the both of us!” Hilarious! What a pair!!

  7. jeffdon4 says:

    i wonder who opened the door if vivian had both arms on the cake…..

  8. soulierinvestments says:

    1977 “Lucy Meets the President” — Lucy and Viv characters were next door neighbors living in Indiana(?). Lucy and Vivian were not at their best here: Lucy’s mother died in ’77: Lucy’s had unstable, volatile emotions; Viv in ’77 underwent chemotherapy treatments and suffered a stroke, the effect of which we notice about her mouth. Still — they have more talent in their pinkies than most of us have in our whole bodies. Note how Viv milks eating potato salad for several laughs.

  9. soulierinvestments says:

    1977 “Lucy Meets the President” — the last time Lucy, Viv, Mary Wickes, Robert Carroll, Madelyn Pugh Davis, and Marc Daniels would work together on CBS. From 1974 to 1979, Lucy did occasional hour -long comedy specials for CBS. This one, in which Ed MacMahon portrayed her husband and Steve Allen portrayed a news reporter, probably is the funniest of the group. Somebody somehow wound up in the potato salad.

  10. DJSexLeopard says:

    Life huh? You got one chance in life to do something great, but then we all get old and broken down. That’s what we all have to look forward to. Becoming sick and tired and then death. Don’t you just love life sometimes.

  11. PitterPatty says:

    hey this is amazing, my mom told me about them. can you post the whole show? mom is sick and it would make her feel so much better !!

  12. khristthelord says:

    Your potato salad tastes like yellow play-doh.

  13. whewfan says:

    This would be the last time Lucy and Vivian would appear together on TV. Vivian had a stroke and was also battling cancer. She died 2 years later.

  14. egogo816 says:

    I miss them

  15. dgirl2021 says:

    I just bought the movie from amazon. :D I might upload it

  16. willyboi708 says:

    This was soo great! Viv and Ethel really are one and the same, especially thier appetites!!! LOL!!! Could you please post the whole episode? Thanks so much!

  17. bgsudude81 says:

    What show is this? Is this Lucy Meets the President?

  18. LEIMALOCCA says:

    “DROP IT, VIV!” lol

  19. mathisfan84 says:

    HAHA!! I love how Vivian keeps grabbing the food lol.

  20. MikeRia says:

    Thank You for posting this clip, I haven’t seen it since it first aired.

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