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Lucille Ball: A Tribute

I made this video to honor the “Queen of Comedy”. Songs used: Forrest Gump (Main Theme) I Love Lucy Theme (with lyrics) sung by Desi Arnaz… Please leave a comment, I love hearing the opinions of other fans!! Rest in peace Lucy; this is for you…

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25 Responses to “Lucille Ball: A Tribute”

  1. Earthlinked says:

    Forever in my memory – and always in my heart!!!
    To those that have left us behind – being remembered is to never die!!!!
    Thanks, Lucy and Ricky!!

  2. OliviaClutterbuck says:

    @CrissyMichelle22 Heck, I’m 17 and I’m a HUGE fan!! The I Love Lucy Show is a show like no other, and there will never be another like it! Not even close to being like it!

  3. OliviaClutterbuck says:

    Very well done! Almost started to cry! <3

  4. amberlovesapplepie09 says:

    I’m 14 and i love lucille ball. I am not ashamed of it at all either; i talk about her all the time at school and i love to talk about her. It makes me happy to think about her and how she is in heaven looking over all of her fans <3

  5. Rebahasmyheart says:

    @xwqshmn yes she married Desi twice but that did not work out her 2nd marragie was to Gary Mortain I am a Reba fan but I am also a Lucy fan glad I could help

  6. LBTennis says:

    I Miss Lucy

  7. actorinfilms says:

    Happy 99th Birthday Lucy!

  8. TFOX9 says:

    i just found out that i was 8 when she die i would give any thing in this world to see them any thing i love here and there well be no one esl and never well be like Lucy
    today if she live she would be 99 thanks and i too love Lucille Ball

  9. dnt9217 says:

    @OverDramaticPumpkins I agree with you! I love the 50′s! Gracie Allen and Lucille Ball are my two favorite dizzy dames!

  10. beadsstitcher says:

    Lucille Ball makes me laugh and cry.I love her so much.When i feel down i sit and watch some of her episodes.

  11. steven1660 says:

    The Official Second Season of Lucille Ball’s second series The Lucy Show, is coming to DVD on July 13, 2010! If you haven’t seen the Lucy show it is so funny! And the second season co-stars Vivian Vance(Ethel)! Also it’s in Color!

  12. jimbronxny says:

    a very beautiful and well deserved tribute to the QUEEN OF COMEDY. I just watched Smokey & The Bandit and Jackie Gleason was the King Of Comedy REST IN PEACE LUCY AND JACKIE

  13. littlemissrockstar52 says:

    lucy is my idol!!!! Shes everything i want to b when im older! btw… u did an amazing job i luved it!

  14. ldstagalong says:

    To you and everyone who enjoyed and were moved by this video: thank you.

  15. beautifulkitty1 says:

    i was crying through out the whole video =[
    very lovely though absolutely loved it

  16. hardrein101 says:

    great job..thanks so much for posting!!

  17. ldstagalong says:

    yes, she married Gary Morton in 1961; they were married until her death in 1989.

  18. xwqshmn says:

    did she remarry?

  19. PandaTattoos says:

    yeah u did an amazing job on this!! thanks so much loved it, lucille ball was a beauty queen from start to finish! She will live on for ever for what she did!
    love u lucille ball ull always be remembered and loved.

  20. SylvesterParkview says:


  21. bebaylamas07 says:

    an amazing tribute!..2 such funny and amazing woman!..Lucille Ball..such beauty and grace:)..ty 4 sharing such greatness!:)..amazing video:)

  22. tyler5wy1 says:

    Wow, you did a wonderful job. I love how you started from the begining of her life to the end, it actually made me tear up. She was the greatest lady still to this day. I love lucy everybody loves lucy. Thank you for such a masterpiece.

  23. TheatreFanatic4eva says:

    not really she lived to be almost (notice the almost ppl) 80 years old

  24. lucy3142 says:

    April 26th actually.

  25. lucy3142 says:

    April 1st actually haha <3

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