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Loved ones Feud – Devils & Angels

Steve asks “Name some thing that gets passed about..?”
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Loved ones Feud – Devils & Angels”

  1. Sony90210 says:

    i don’t think the host is funny. ever notice how people laugh and think every joke they make is funny just because they’re black? not trying to bring race into it, but that’s what it’s become. a lot of black comedians only get laughs and praise because they are black, not because they are that funny. call me wrong. call me racist.


    Steve is thinking: “Don’t touch me you potsmoker, you!”

  3. Datelesswonders says:


  4. legend519 says:

    do you guy’s have the video where they ask “name something you wear around the house” and one of the contestants answer “condom”

  5. xInfamous187x says:

    @GrahhIRoarrr You can make it by hanging yourself :D

  6. GrahhIRoarrr says:

    @xInfamous187x i love you baby sorry i disappointed you<3

  7. DeaDCorE45 says:


  8. xInfamous187x says:

    @GrahhIRoarrr you faggot

  9. Lepiratepoulpe says:

    No kids …weed does not get you to hell…
    Do not listen to this dillusional kook.

  10. TheGospleMST says:

    this is so funny i had to repost it again

  11. GrahhIRoarrr says:

    like this if you’re a weed head

  12. gingerette042709 says:

    i died laughing ROFLMAO

  13. warr1or2 says:

    tap 1 and make him a PIG

  14. futuraDUBSTEP says:

    steve harvey RAGE!

  15. JinNOSify says:


  16. Buddorang11 says:

    Thumbs Up If your still goin to hell

  17. Flowdaboyz says:

    @kristenlucask lmao

  18. kristenlucask says:

    i think i must of had some of that joint, ’cause Steve’s tie is all different colors, at 0:26.

  19. pthomas2009 says:

    @ODtriplel I don’t think Mr. Harvey is gay. You should think of someone else to f^*k. Chaz is available.

  20. SFXKID210 says:

    @ODtriplel fuck u y are u even here then

  21. ItsHir0 says:

    That one fag brought me here.

  22. TiiaSweetNeSS31 says:

    Because OFWGKTA says fuck Steve Harvey everyone wants to be followers, like shut the fuck up!

  23. ODtriplel says:

    Fuck steve harvey

  24. wolborg3 says:

    look at the score board

  25. DeathChurch87 says:

    Steve is a simpleton..

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