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Love Connection

Chuck Woolery hosts this real-life “Love Connection” between Dean Barness and Andi Lauren. These reality show contestants ACTUALLY walked down the aisle 3 years later, and if you can believe it, Chuck Woolery gave the couple their first toast! Check out Andi today at!
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25 Responses to “Love Connection”

  1. mikemalibu1 says:

    Very cool! They look good together, I started to grow my hair out too,and the women are responding very well! Its funny she made a comment,about that!

  2. 000aysh says:

    First she says he slept in her roommate’s bed coz she was out of town then she said the next morning her roommate said get up your dad’s at the door!

  3. animfan1100 says:

    8:26. This was sort of like a vacation date between Dean and Andi.

  4. tripjet999 says:

    Chuck’s use of the tobacco drug has devastated his health. Sad.

  5. melliev7 says:

    Congratulations on your true love connection.

  6. papatoony says:

    The audience chose that sleezeball from Jersey? REALLY?

  7. stormurr says:

    @dedbusted exactly

  8. blossom114 says:

    @FranklyMisterShankly They’ll probably be saying the same thing in 30 years about how we dress now.

  9. cbunnz777 says:

    There is NO WAY IN HELL that she’s 21!! Never!

  10. HeartsGerman says:

    Oooo…Chuck Woolery….lookin’ pretty good back then. haha

  11. liamvg says:

    Everyone looks 20 years older than they are…weird.

  12. PITZWIL100 says:

    Is this the studio that Love Triangle uses?

  13. IcyHot311 says:

    This is so sweet:)

  14. dedbusted says:

    It isn’t that they look older –it is that today people don’t act their age and try to look and act like teenagers.

  15. SmilingAlot says:

    I just googled her name. Turns out, she got married to him!

    “Dean and I dated for a couple of years, got thru some obstacles, and were married on August 1, 1993. Not only was the wedding beautiful, but Chuck Woolery also stopped by to give a toast, and we also ended up on the local news that night. Yep, a wedding in true Andi fashion.”

  16. Trueserum says:

    Her hair is gorgeous!!!!

  17. HanshDunfcw says:

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  18. lavonnajenny says:

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  19. hillsaint says:

    @whoknew06, It’s possible she had more than one roommate…

  20. lennadbnas says:

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  21. sanayarich says:

    if she is 21yrs old in this pic (she looks old)…i wonder what she looks like now…

  22. whoknew06 says:

    Am I the only one who hears that the stories don’t match up between these two? She said they back to her apt and chatted with her roomie but oh boy said she was outta town, but then she says they woke up and her roommate answers the door saying it was her dad…Ummm which is it? Hmmm…

  23. EuroStatus1985 says:

    She’s 21??? My mom’s 47 and looks younger than her!

  24. Katiekoneko says:

    wtf 21? she looks like a young 37 year old

  25. whistlerboots123 says:

    LOL he says ” in her roommates room- her roommate was out of town”
    and then she says ” the next morning…my roommate says”

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