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Love American Style

episode “The Bashful Groom”
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  1. DontPublicMe says:


    Well, some scientist guy told me you can. You gotta find some way to travel through space at a speed that exceeds the speed of light, and time will go backwards for you. That way, you may be able to visit the 70s.

    *But promise one thing: Don’t kill the two people who are to become your pare

  2. DRebele1 says:

    There is something about the early seventies that I just have such a special fondness for even though it was really before my time as I was still just a toddler. I wish I could visit that period again.

  3. humbleradio says:

    Paul Petersen!

  4. covatembel says:

    Does anyone know what the episode where they went to Hawaii (for a honeymoon?) is??

  5. Masturbov says:

    @WiccansEatShit Not surprising. I’m every decent-looking woman in Hollywood has had to spread her legs or get on her knees a few times for an executive or someone in a position of power, in order to advance her career or just break into the business.

  6. retonete says:

    does anyone know what is the episode when they go to the wild west, the only thing i can remember is that phyllis elizabeth davis got burned by a hot iron

  7. RFKFANTS67 says:

    I’d go to such a wedding after I lose some weight and ate a few boxes of Ron Jeremy’s extends lol

  8. dtw1958 says:

    @WiccansEatShit I think he was referring to himself!!!!!

  9. mae12561 says:

    When I was a kid in late 60′s, early 70′s – I couldn’t wait for Friday night. The Flying Nun, Brady Bunch, Partridge Family and Love American Style, my late-night up weekend treat.

  10. stephenjones102 says:

    My first exposure to really hot women? I was watching this show around the age of…….8-ish to 10-ish…..

  11. MrJacMac1986 says:

    @ff8525I was a kid in the 70′s, born 1968. I agree.Wish I could have been older then to experience all the Free Love.Free Love was gone by 1986 when i turned 18

  12. MrJacMac1986 says:

    Bet the performers had biege tight cut underwear and strapless bras to give the illusion of nudity.I watched the episode of Simon And Simon where they went sleuthing at a nudist club and one of the nudist ladies had a strapless bra on when she was behind a shrub.But when i read Playboy about the Peter Sellars movie a Shot in the Dark the actors there were really nude although you couldnt see anything good

  13. JerseySurvivor says:

    Worked on many events with Meredith throughout the 80′s for special needs children. She was an exceptional person. I knew Greg years ago when he did Romantic Comedy in NY. I can’t believe he would say anything like this. Maybe years ago in the heat of a divorce. But why mention it now, it’s a mean awful thing to say.

  14. WiccansEatShit says:

    Meredith McCraes husband Greg Mullavey claims he caught her giving blowjobs to many TV executives and actors in his own living room on dozens of occasions back in the early 70′s.

  15. jabbablinks says:

    I am wondering if the father is mr whipple….

  16. wouldntyoulike2know says:

    That guy who plays the groom is very hot. lol. I was watching this and the whole time I am wishing that he would undress! lol. Really wish I could have grown up in the 60s or 70s. Everything was so symbolic. These days they would show all the nude people and that element of “mystery” would be all gone. It probably wouldn’t even be as interesting. Thank you for uploading. :)

  17. ff85258 says:

    @wallofvideo It just was a simpler time for me. I was a teen with no worries and saw all the concerts from Nugent to Sabbath to Kiss to Queen to The Who and Stones all in their prime and dozens and dozens more all for under 10 bucks a show. Im just glad I was a teen in the 70′s is all. Love that era.

  18. wallofvideo says:

    @ff85258 i’m not so sure the 70s were a simpler time. the kent state & jackson state killings of 1970, attica uprisings of ’71, miami rnc convention riot in ’72, wounded knee occupation in ’73, symbionese in ’73-74, watergate, inflation, khmer rouge takeover in cambodia ’75-78, jonestown massacre in ’78, greensboro massacre in ’79, etc. all the same, i hear what you’re saying.

  19. tippymugs says:

    Paul Petersen was a hunk!

  20. randalljones58 says:

    @burnstagger What is your definition of wrecked? I think were there. A thrid world country.

  21. ff85258 says:

    The 1970′s was a much simpler time. No cell phones, no personal computers, no satellite tv and we could fix our own cars. The ’70s had the best music too and concerts were under 10 bucks. Glad I got to experience it but I really do miss it.

  22. knight1768 says:

    just wanted to say greg94501 thankyou you brought back memories that were so great,i have this problem,dont know why im saying,but i am as thanx,i have a depression about the past,i just loved it so much,it meant wondeful memories and many things to me,the problem is that most people remember and smile,and carry on,i remember and cry,i really do,wishing it would be then,as i hate the present,i have my children to whom i love,but other than that,the present means nothing but age,people hating.sad

  23. okrabay says:

    @burnstagger i never looked at it that way but I think your right, still there is a lot about the 70′s I miss

  24. okrabay says:

    open up your mind ….man!

  25. burnstagger says:

    This was all about 70s Communism corrupting the USA. Thank God Reagan came alomg when he did or this country would have been wrecked.

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