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Love American Style Television Show Opening Theme Season One

Love American Style TV Show Opening Theme Season One

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25 Responses to “Love American Style Television Show Opening Theme Season One”

  1. radioclash81 says:

    I was born in ’69, and I remember watching reruns of this show on TBS back when we first got cable in ’78. I haven’t seen it rerun anywhere since then. Also back then TBS would show Lost in Space on Sunday mornings–cable tv used to be so good back then.

  2. gagarichardson says:

    i wnt it back on tv come on there has to be a channel on tv that knows the baby boomers like retro tv plz were old not dead and we want old shows! inmlov gilligans island,love american style,hogans heros,ex……

  3. windstorm1000 says:

    Boy, does this bring back the memories–catchy innocent theme music episode and visuals. Every Friday night. Every out of work actor was in a episode. Fun corny epsisodes.

  4. GuyinCa says:

    @justme9962 The theme music for the above show and Room 222 always stayed with me, very catchy tunes hard to forget. So many classic shows, I really miss seeing them.

    Like sands through the hourglass so are the Days of Our Lives…..

  5. justme9962 says:

    @GuyinCa i LOVED room 222

  6. crittertv says:

    this was on after Gilligans Island but I didnt get it cuz I was like 10, also remember night stalker, project blue book, in search of, flying nun, laugh in, the odd couple, happy daze,…lol…tv was cool back then, really loved ‘I dream of Jenie’ as kid, Barbara Eden was IT!

  7. HeartBDoctor says:

    Yes, nowadays, the show seems very cheesy. But in 1968, when this show came out, it´╗┐ was a great series, and allowed many comedy pilots to be shown to see if they could grow into their own series. You must remember, this show gave birth to the legendary “Happy Days” sitcom.

  8. Gmancrap says:

    Duck man haha

  9. MrDRUID27 says:

    ABC on Friday night was invincible at this time in TV history. Thank you for posting. Brought back a lot of fond memories.

  10. GuyinCa says:

    Yep grew up watching this show and so many other great shows from the late 60′s. Anyone else remember Room 222? I love finding great memories like this, nice to know they aren’t forgotten.

  11. sneezyize says:

    @auctionguyinmo I did the same thing when I was 6 years old back in 1969 – 1970, although it was my older brother and sister who were in high school and were allowed to stay up late. Use to love to sing this the next day in school or when I was out riding my bike.

  12. AMDave1023 says:

    @pbanta62 I agree, those bumpers are a bit loud and annoying espcially when you got earphones on.

  13. eddievenegas says:

    I liked that the pilot for “HAPPY DAYS ” was an episode of LOVE AMERICAN STYLE.

  14. morgan8757 says:

    whats taking so long for season 2 of love american style to get released

  15. NeluThat70sKid says:

    @ajbalfour Thank you SOOOO much for the tip, because, quite personally, I’m getting really tired and fed up of all the constant mindless crap that’s on TV nowadays (except the new Hawaii Five-0, at least that keeps you on the edge of your seat). Besides, I just got in a Cowsills compilation CD from Amazon, where I can jam to that cool 60′s beat from the theme NON-STOP!! (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE….YEE-HAHHH!!!) Other than that, can’t wait to give them a piece of my mind, thanks again for the tip. ;)

  16. PatrioticPirate says:

    I’m glad to have FINALLY seen the opening with The Cowsills singing the theme song…


  17. alabamagirl49 says:

    i loved this how, watch the original show and re-runs later on in years. Love and the Happy Days was the best.

  18. btachi50 says:

    @schmidtdeangallery finally someone else who remembers that too! “Love and The Happy Days”

  19. btachi50 says:

    @schmidtdeangallery finally someone else who remembers that too!

  20. schmidtdeangallery says:

    Happy Days came out of this show.

  21. fannyanne2 says:

    @najami12 she was on mannix and she pass away

  22. cmulwee001 says:

    The Cowsills only did the first season theme. Afterwards the theme was redone with the Charles Fox Singer aka The Ron Hicklin Singers, aka The Love Generation. The group who did the theme from season 2 onward were the REAL voices of The Partridge Family, who, ironically, were BASED on The Cowsills!

  23. najami12 says:

    Gail Fisher was attractive! I have grown more fond of the black lady!

  24. 143AC says:

    Dear 60′s Kid,

    What I ment to say is that I hope and pray that CBS TV will not try to revive “Mannix”.

  25. 143AC says:

    Dear 60′s Kid,

    Yes! Ms.Fisher also played”Peggy Fair”on “The Mannix Show”with Mr.Connors.

    I looked forward to watching the wonderful detective series on CBS TV..every week.

    I can only hope and pray that CBS TV will try to revive it.

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