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Love American Style Intro

This was the really very first Happy Days.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Love American Style Intro”

  1. DRebele1 says:

    I agree with you kittybunnyface. There is something in particular about the early seventies that I have a special fondness for even though it was really before my time as I was still just a toddler. I wish I could revisit that time.

  2. pardyhardly says:

    @journeyman2mage How is this a liberal television series? It’s a show about people trying to get laid and nothing else.

  3. alisterfolson says:

    As a kid, my brother and I used to spit spittle in the air near the end of this song pretending it was the fireworks, lol

  4. 65kowalski says:

    joujrneyman2mage, whatever drugs you are on, I’d like to have some so I too, could escape reality for a while. How else could you in your wildest dreams believe “conservatives” watch Jerry Springer and the “must see TV” crap that has polluted the airwaves since the mid 70s? The values shown on “Love American Style” may have been “liberal” compared to late 60s fare, but are conservative by today’s standards. And why put “Fox News” into a discussion about sitcoms and entertainment? Idiotic!

  5. pardyhardly says:

    @kittybunnyface No, the Seventies were horrible but at least people hadn’t completely forgotten how to love each other, unlike today.

  6. InfoWarsTV2 says:


  7. FriedrichKling says:

    @kittybunnyface I second this statement, and yes TV today is lousy compared to what we had back in the 60s and 70s. What happened?

  8. eltepeyac1531 says:

    So, this was the episode where Garry Marshal pushed the original idea for Happy

  9. Art600ify says:

    There were many more shows in the ’60′s and early ’70′s with the theme “racism is terrible” than there are today. Instead of making accusations like “Bush’s vandalism of the Constitution,” why don’t you inform us what he specifically did? Your “Obama’s inertia” sounds like typical excuse making. Considering Obama is the Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. armed forces, it would be far easier to do something about our forces overseas than to pass something like healthcare.

  10. FTAHindependent says:

    The good old 240p :)

  11. paktype says:

    Great ’60s music. When it was OK to say that you were an American and OK to talk about love. I was born in 1965 so I’m too young to have experienced it firsthand but I’m still nostalgic for it.

  12. thatmuse76 says:

    Okay, this clears it up. I tried telling someone I saw a Happy Days episode with Harold Gould instead of Tom Bosley and they thought I either had dreamed it or was crazy. I caught it in the middle on Nick at Night really early in the morning and had no idea it was “Love American Style”.

  13. TheMashwatcher585 says:

    i use to watch this show alot when it was on

  14. MrLogoman007 says:

    @brian1969a Actually, all of you are right and wrong at the same time. When I was 12 years old, there was just as much crap on TV, especially where The Disney Channel was concerned. That was when things really started to go downhill.

  15. werobanks says:


  16. werobanks says:

    @journeyman2mage “liberal television series” HAHAHA good one…

  17. TheWhisperingCactus says:

    @RiotShield Now wait, just wait a minute.. Adventure Time is ALREADY better than any other cartoons!

  18. garyb12001 says:

    @kittybunnyface Lessee; Watergate, ‘Nam, stagflation, the energy crises. Good times had by all….

  19. JesseL85719 says:

    @JesseL85719 Which time am I talking about? My toddler time, of course!

  20. JesseL85719 says:

    @TIPTON340 I remember Love, American Style was on Nick @ nite at the time.

  21. brian1969a says:

    @journeyman2mage You’re out of your fucking mind, you know that? I was alive during these years, don’t try to rewrite history with me. “Safe way out” and “cheap thrills”? Are you kidding me? I don’t know how old you are, nor do I care, but please…put down the crackpipe.

  22. journeyman2mage says:

    actually, Love American Style was considered a liberal television series, and the conservatives desperately wanted it destroyed by any means necessary

    eventually the conservatives won, and now we have television that tries for the safe way out and for cheap thrills

    and anyone too partisan to recognize that conservatives love cheap thrills needs to watch FOX news and the Jerry Springer Show, both of which have almost entirely conservative fanbases

  23. journeyman2mage says:

    the TV series of the 1960s and 1970s were optimistic, heartfelt, but clueless, and during an era when we needed to recognize our flaws (stop pretending not to see the racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia around us) so we could finally do something about them, such cluelessness seemed criminal

    however, today, when the U.S. seems damaged beyond repair by Bush’s vandalism of the Constitution and our national honor and by Obama’s inertia, a time of clueless hope looks pretty good

  24. MarkinDC says:

    I forgot that Happy Days started as a Love American Style episode………

  25. eddievenegas says:

    This is it !!! The pilot of HAPPY DAYS on LOVE AMERICAN STYLE.

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