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Louis Armstrong on “The Johnny Cash Show” – total and uncut

From the October 28, 1970 episode of Cash’s Television selection show, Armstrong sings “Crystal Chandeliers” and “Ramblin’ Rose” with the band then duets with Cash on the Jimmy Rodgers classic “Blue Yodel #9.” There are other, partial versions of this efficiency on-line, but this is the only total one I’ve found. It is so cool to see Armstrong killing on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, when a decade earlier they wouldn’t have let him in the servant’s entrance.

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15 Responses to “Louis Armstrong on “The Johnny Cash Show” – total and uncut”

  1. tienmublue says:

    Made my day! Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant performers – true legends that have given me and millions so much pleasure.

  2. LeamingtonSteve says:

    i was a baby then!

  3. timepiecelover20 says:

    There music is so epic in greatness and so ingrained in your mind from “hearing” it that seeing video of them makes you realize they really did exist.

  4. OrganicAudioRecordrs says:

    the duet section of this is amaaazing

  5. stevieboy247 says:

    In my mind, Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash were two of the greatest legends in music. And I think this clip is a true classic if you ask me.

  6. amcuruguay says:

    Thank you very much for this great clip. And it’s really great to watch the whole thing, like you’re watching the TV show that you never got to watch. Fantastico!!

  7. WWEChampion16 says:

    I think this is the last appearance of Louis Armstromg.

  8. abargle says:

    @tuxguys I’m glad you appreciate the fact that I posted the whole clip. About a year ago, somebody who shall remain nameless strip-mined the Cash variety show and put EVERYTHING up, regardless of quality, in little single-song snippets. When, as you can see, the clips benefit from being placed in the context in which they originally aired. Thanks very much for your input, I was hoping somebody else felt the same way I do about seeing performances in their entirety.

  9. tuxguys says:

    I’ve watched the “Blue Yodel” footage a dozen times, I’ve never seen the complete clip, including Cash’s extremely gracious intro, before this… Thank you. (Cash nails it: Louis is the root of EVERYTHING.)
    A duet, as iconic as it can get, and, along with Bennett/Wonder and Brown/Pavorotti, one of my three fave duets of all time.

  10. stingrayowens says:

    Love it, he’s the man

  11. sirjuandabicho says:

    Maravilloso, muchisimas gracias.

  12. DermotJMurphy1 says:

    Does anyone think Louis Armstrong’s first few lyrics were intentionally ironic: “I never did fit in too well…” before an audience in the Grand Ole Opry. He might be referring to the discrimination he suffered throughout his career. His joke to Johnny Cash suggests race was on his mind.

  13. cw1310 says:

    Who says a brother can’t do country?

  14. BlandBoy says:

    thanks for uploading this video.

  15. aeartress says:

    given it to em in black and white…HA

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