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Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash – Blue Yodel No. 9

I would have never guessed, but Louis Armstrong was a guest on the Johnny Cash Show. This and the story about Satchmo and Jimmie Rogers show how diverse musical tastes these men had and once again that music is a great connector. This is from episode 38, Oct., 28, 1970 and must be one of Satchmo’s last performances. He was such a great performer right to the end and the Nashville audience and Johnny just loved him. Louis Armstrong cracks everybody up at the start of the song: Let’s give it to ‘em in black and white. THIS AND OTHER GREAT PERFORMANCES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON A 2-DVD-SET “BEST OF THE JOHNNY CASH TV SHOW”. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE!!!

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25 Responses to “Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash – Blue Yodel No. 9”

  1. Andressguillen says:


  2. docterphreak says:

    Holy crap; listen to that applause!

  3. rabbit2778 says:

    Can’t go wrong here,

  4. claudia1966x says:

    wenn ich louis sehe hab ich sofort gute laune. man muss sofort lächeln

  5. mans6363 says:

    I am sure Louis was unbelievable as a human. He as an amazing musician. Johnny Cash was an unbelievable soul. He was the nicest, most caring, and charismatic musician, human, I have ever met. RIP to both fine, bright lights in this video!!

  6. Mashyny says:

    two legends in one place :)

  7. eezzekiel says:


  8. cocomojo says:

    Fantastic! Bravo!

  9. jhonny99663 says:

    i really liked to be there

  10. deutschphilippinen says:

    @troglodytic yes i agree

  11. alexpinabass says:

    louie armstrong made johnny cash laugh…….if only he could’ve done it when johnny was older…

  12. ganglydude42 says:

    We’ll give it to him in ‘black and white’. Haha, you gotta love his humor.

  13. TheSwingChannel says:

    What a sound! I can only imagine what he sounded like live.

  14. SirJazz says:

    “You can’t play nothing on modern trumpet that doesn’t come from him, not even modern shit. I can’t even remember a time when he sounded bad playing the trumpet. Never. Not even one time. He had great feeling up in his playing and he always played on the beat. I just loved the way he played and sang. ” – Miles Davis about Armstrong

  15. mickyhikes says:

    Every phrase Satchmo puts out there hits the mark! And the man is not afraid to entertain!

  16. GraphiqueDesign says:

    I would like a bronze bust of Louis Armstrong. His classic grin is unforgettable.

  17. cicerokzz says:

    @TheGuitarman37 Totally agree with you.

  18. nbcjims says:

    And Louis was very thin and ailing at this point in his life,…but still the musician who defined American Music.

  19. scutfargas says:

    Sweetest horn sound in history. Louis’s sound was unmistakable.

  20. troglodytic says:

    @KevinRock1996 and i think you should lighten up. ;]

    removing the stick from your ass can possibly help a little bit. Jus’ sayin’.

  21. clarkbailey1973 says:

    @kyotaru I think they were both pretty fucking cool

  22. kyotaru says:

    i think johnny is one of the coolest guys ever~

  23. VengenceWolf says:

    Before I even knew this existed, I hoped it did. Found it today, and had to stop all I was doing, sit back, and just listen to it in the background just like the radio audience of the day. Fantastic. thanks

  24. saintgeek says:

    Loved Louis’s solo. You don’t need to play a lot of notes – if you play the RIGHT notes!

  25. iheartbillywilder says:

    I love these two guys. Probably the two best men in my music book.

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