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lost in space tv episode preview 1

this is a trailer for the LOST IN SPACE tv series
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “lost in space tv episode preview 1”

  1. supermanfan62 says:

    best music by the great john williams

  2. littletimes says:

    Dr. Smith makes the show!

  3. Polaris431 says:

    If I was one of those actors still living, I’d be too embarrassed to admit being in such corny programs.

  4. TEMPmichaelhansen says:

    i guess the reason why I remember is because it was a B&W television!!!

  5. arudyawakening says:

    I was obsessed with this show as a kid, especially the Jupiter 2. I loved it when they showed the spaceship traveling through space. It was too cool. Do ya’ll remember when the show would end with: To Be Continued … Same Time … Same Channel.

  6. fromthesidelines says:

    In the third season, instead of a scene that “established” the following week’s episode at the end ["To Be Continued Next Week! Same Time...Same Channel!"], a preview was shown instead [DICK TUFELD: "Stay tuned for some exciting scenes from next week's episode!"]. This one was for “Hunter’s Moon” (September 27, 1967).

  7. Roadracer987654321 says:

    If they ever do a Proper Remake of Lost in Space and not that Nonsense from 1998. Who would be cast as Professor John Robinson ? Who would work as Dr. Maureen Robinson ? Who would be cast as Harmless Goof Dr. Zachary Smith ? Are there any well known kid actors that could play Will Robinson age Ten ? Or Should Will Robinson be simply a Girl chasing 15 Year old ?

  8. Actionguy1 says:

    I loved these 3rd season promos for the following week’s episodes. I was disappointed that they were dropped when the series went into world wide syndication. But, we can now see them all restored in their full glory in the DVD release!

  9. Actionguy1 says:

    @gerladiant I must wholeheartedly agree with your comment. Yes, Guy Williams’ Professor John Robinson was my childhood hero too!

  10. gerladiant says:

    I don’t think you can compare the two series , they were both brilliant , however I loved Lost in Space and John Robinson was everything I wanted to be at 10 years old , handsome , strong and intelligent. What a fantastic series and the music by the great John Williams, it just don’t get any better than that, dated now of course but in its day it was awesome.

  11. TheJunglesound says:

    @flapdoodle64 enterprise is bad but I think its going a bit far to comnpare it to lost in space!

  12. grosskopf2 says:

    Thats right.

  13. DavelovesRealMusic says:

    @grosskopf2 I know a LOT of doctors who are QUacks….NOT EVERY DOCTOR is a genius….And Smith weas not a a medical doctor . he was a psychologist.

  14. mydjpopeutubeacct says:

    Derek if they cast a new movie you should try out for that goofy ass Dr dude. You guys look alike. Hell you even act like him Good Luck Derek in Space.

  15. fantasyfan2010 says:

    we never missed an episode. I could hardly wait for the show to start. I was always Penny .

  16. grosskopf2 says:

    Love the show, but Dr. Smith used to really get on my nerves. How did He ever become a doctor because he was an IDIOT?

  17. Aeolis7 says:

    I know a lot of people who felt this way! I was the odd kid that just wated the robot as my friend! I had (and still do) the battery powered Remco Lost InSpace robot toy as a kid and took it everywhere!

  18. wavejump1100 says:

    as i remember dr smith ruined thier chances for rescue every week. after a while this got so annoying i no longer liked the show.

  19. MrRedFredSaid says:

    The robot used to scare me when I was a little kid. I thought he was one of the bad guys.

  20. jenn606 says:

    No. Dr. Smith was the first gay queen on television. Hence the phrase “Miss Thing”

  21. 26Deacon says:

    ha ha! was dr. smith the first gay man on television or what?

  22. 765tony says:

    you know that space pod was allso in 2 episodes of land of the giants,and kurt kazners character was alot like dr smith.

  23. dickdesign007 says:

    I just love this series from the sixties. Just as nice as UFO. Last week I bought the first season on 8 dvd’s for only 15 euro at cdwow. They should arrive in a week. Can’t wait to watch them.

  24. supermanfan62 says:

    how did they build the space pod

  25. silversurfers7 says:

    both “Startrek” & L.I.S were my most watched & favorites of all time. My parents wouldn’t let me watch L.I.S because i would have nightmares after viewing, so when it came on (only 2 channels in black & white in those days in the UK) they put me in the kitchen till it was over, So i started digging a secret hole in the kitchen concrete wall, (under the kitchen table of coarse) after 1 month i nearly got through, but it was discovered & i got whacked hard. just shows how much i loved L.I.S hahaha

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