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lost in space tv episode preview 1

this is a trailer for the LOST IN SPACE tv series
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. mikeismad61 says:

    Great to see this again – still love that Robot – but as with all things they went too far and the last few stories were very poor. Wonder if they’ll make a movie – oh yes – they did – and a confused mess of good ideas and excellent effects ruined by a naff story. They never learn…..

  2. OneCoolOldFool says:

    The “base pod” looks like the mini sub set out of SeaView…

  3. Barnstormer1969 says:

    The show started out great, but when I changed to color, Irwin Allen made it too silly, too comical. Allen was trying too hard to match the Batman series (starring Adam West).

  4. xvoy2002 says:

    I remember very well, watching the original episode when the series premiered and being absolutely facinated by this show.
    I watched most of the episodes on a regular basis, but started getting pretty bored becasue there was never any space action. Always on the same planet meeting new aliens.
    It finally hit rock bottom during the ‘vegitable man’ episode. Even the cast realized, at that point, that it was all down hill. from there.

  5. TomatoeAssassin says:

    @danzamphi Amen

  6. danzamphi says:

    @TomatoeAssassin John Robinson always reminded me of my own dad…So much so that when Williams died, it hurt almost as much.

  7. paulallen34 says:

    just loved this programe as a young boy,brings back memories.

  8. TheTheo58 says:

    the appearance of the space pot in Kidnapped in Space is a mystery never was explained “where it came from” The 1st time that hatch was seen in Wild Adventure
    Don’s coming out with a space suit appears to be a storage room. Noted two laser rifles on the back wall, then in season 3 it was an air-lock docking bay for the pod. Kind of odd about the hatch’s vertical opening/closing. Guy Williams
    began appearing less as season 2 progressed. Dr. Smith, Will, the Robot took center stage.

  9. pupsi1542 says:

    cant wait for next week

  10. eclipse5863 says:

    Did he say the earthling has finally crapped himself?

  11. supermanfan62 says:

    how did they build the space pod order it from mr zumdish

  12. superfatamusic says:

    I LOVED it when the robot who looked like an oversized wacuum cleaner shouted: ” Danger! Danger! Emergency! Emegency! Warning! Warning!”
    LOL! LOL! Not to mention the funky silver suits… XD

  13. TomatoeAssassin says:

    I really hated it when Guy Williams appeared less and less. He was always the dad I never had.

  14. Beamshipcaptain says:

    Loved this 44 years ago, still holds up well today, in technology, SPFX, and pure adrenalin ADVENTURE! Even had John Williams’ music!

  15. Arcane1Soldier says:

    I skipped so many days of school to watch this, i cannot recall how many times. All i have to say. TIME well spent.

  16. Actionguy1 says:

    @flapdoodle64 This is still better than that fiasco/shitfest known as “JJ Abrams’ Star Trek”!

  17. theseether says:

    Man i love this show. It is SO Campy and dated, but so cool! Man, those tinfoil space suits are so groovy.

  18. Xwingpilot says:

    @variousiroiro why not try

  19. Krazzy12U says:

    When I was young I imagined our backyard (which was pretty big) to be space and would get toy space-ships to ‘crash land’ on various parts of the garden or in the sand pit and then imagine how I could take off again before a disaster took hold etc..All based on Lost in Space and Land of the Giants episodes!

  20. variousiroiro says:

    could someone upload this series pleaseeee

  21. Shawnster65 says:

    @supermanfan62 Spot on, mate! The situational music, from the J2 flight scenes, to John and Don laying eyes on the tattered relics and machines a dead alien civilization inside a cave, Williams’ music hit the spot. Great composer!

  22. Shawnster65 says:

    @9114102349 Right-o. Later in Season One, will controlled the Robot by trying to imitate Dr. Smith’s voice and it’s pitch, and it worked. At that point the Robot was no longer as much of a threat as he began to develop feelings and emotions.

    If you recall, Smith sabotaged the Robot to destroy the Jupiter as it was en route to Alpha Centauri (first episode).

  23. 9114102349 says:

    @MrRedFredSaid Actually Rbot was a bad guy in the first few episodes. He would only take rders from Dr. Smith (who was also a bad guy.)

  24. wabdatl says:

    Spare me your poisonous Barbs Major

  25. supermanfan62 says:

    best music by the great john williams

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