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Lost in Space Theme

The theme to one of the greatest si fi tv shows ever made. some individuals do not know this but John Williams composed this.

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25 Responses to “Lost in Space Theme”

  1. jrocco36 says:

    A complete list of all the insults that Dr. Smith dumped on Robot B9

    had to use the “doubleyou” and “dotcom” in the link to get it to post

  2. visor109 says:

    “Now come along with me, you bumbling booby!”

  3. Noodles37UK says:

    Trippy and freaky lol!

  4. Aeolis7 says:

    @georgesorosisgay Actually this was the first one, used in seasons one and two.

  5. paerarru says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to:


    I loved Lost in Space.Oh what brilliant memories this brings back

  7. Kostagh says:

    Well, hello! My mechanical friend!!!! Never fear! Smith – is here!

  8. mysterywhiteboy41 says:

    @spndxboi No…it’s John Williams…he was credited as Johnny however.

  9. digitalfiction3000 says:

    Mr Moon Alien Like this!

  10. georgesorosisgay says:

    I like the other intro better! this was the second one!

  11. supermandisco says:

    I liked when Dr. Smith reacted in concern when he had programmed the robot to execute the Robinsons one by one, and then learned the robot was in the vicinity of Will. That was the moment he snapped being the total villain.

  12. varanid9 says:

    @CaptGage True, I’ve come to prefer this original one over the years. At its core is dramatic music being mocked by the arrangement, as if the fates themselves were having sport with the Robinsons’ predicament. I know, too deep, but at any rate, it gives a quasi-serious, comic-bookish atmosphere to the show, rather unlike any TV theme I’ve ever heard.

  13. spndxboi says:

    Actually, the theme was by Johnny Williams, John Williams father.

  14. fishbuckethead says:

    family guy And Then They Were Fewer

  15. JBofBrisbane says:

    I liked the Season 3 theme better.

  16. 4nna5 says:

    @HappyCaddy YAY!! And me!

  17. azulgris1900 says:

    Mi programa favorita de niƱa. Inolvidable

  18. tyjeffries says:

    THis is the theme I remember…love it. x

  19. mpsycho11 says:

    Sorry about that last post, My computer hates me!

  20. mpsycho11 says:


  21. lornacd says:

    When I was a little girl I played the trumpet. I always wanted to learn how to play this song and I still do. Before I die I will

  22. fencingperson says:

    @HappyCaddy hahahaha me too!

  23. cinnamar says:

    @HappyCaddy OMG i just did too! LOL

  24. HappyCaddy says:

    LMAO just looked this up because of family guy xD

  25. xenomagnus says:

    @Darryl …disgusting

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