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Lost in Space – Lighthouse family members

Lost in Space – Lighthouse family members

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25 Responses to “Lost in Space – Lighthouse family members”

  1. MultiMARVIN1984 says:

    feel lost in space dudes when hearing this cool song!! toinks

  2. mhuszicsXD says:


  3. Toolswiz says:

    My all time Favourite Song!!! : )

  4. mayketek13ph says:

    i never lose my faith !!! in you!!!!!

  5. TheKillagh says:

    14 people found their way back to earth

  6. alexajane191 says:

    oh my god!! i remember when i was n elementary

  7. 91ringo says:

    thumbs up if you’re all tired of these ‘thumbs up’ comments :P

  8. honeynell100 says:

    great song luv it reminds me of so many things!

  9. lawayboy says:

    I used to sing this with my dad all the time when i was a kid…gosh i miss that :(

  10. pedroswartz1 says:

    lovely song. Remins me of a dream of going on the ocean with nothing to worry about

  11. oliecastro says:

    Hi ruthiii

  12. yingkbc says:

    14 people are screaming – but we can’t hear them!….

  13. kaki00731 says:

    ما شاء الله خالق الكون و كل شيئ

  14. 723cielo says:

    @angryballss it sounds like a star kid song to me. the name lighthouse family, gives me a picture of the crystal body … which houses light family. the song expresses the feeling you get after integration.

  15. 68ut1 says:

    this song is FOCKING OWSOME!

  16. ialexisnikko says:

    oh man i heard this song when i first bought their album 1998 and its still beyond its timeline era..

  17. maruto789 says:

    14 people lost in nightmare

  18. lurchandpasta says:

    Is there any possibility that you can put up the sound track “Beautiful night” by Lighthouse family?

  19. kranji20 says:

    13 viewers don’t know how to love

  20. kstygian18 says:

    The sound has similarity to the song “One More Time, One More Chance” theme song of the animated film “5 Centimeters per Second”. I love both!

  21. angryballss says:

    remember this great song on 2012.

  22. enellcb says:

    very relaxing. love to listen to this.

  23. gangstarsonny says:

    That’s was played at my Uncles Funeral a week ago, I love you so much Uncle Ted and I’m going to miss you so much. I hardly knew you but the time I did spend with you was amazing and I’m sorry I didn’t give you a proper good bye. I’m lost in space without you. :’(

  24. patsyod says:

    Thanks mate! :-)

  25. PadawanDJ says:

    @patsyod I had to give this a thumbs up to make it 30 ;-)

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